Air Conditioning

A Guide in Finding Lewisville TX AC Repair Contractors

If you are having problems with an underperforming or malfunctioning Heating, Ventilation, and Air Condition system, you need to hire an expert to fix them. Whether it is the ventilation, heating, or cooling components of the unit that needs to be replaced or are not working right and needs to be fixed,

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Condition contractor are the right professional to call. Heating and cooling contractors will take care of the servicing of your system, furnace repair, maintenance, as well as air-conditioning repair. It cannot be easy to find a reputable and excellent HVAC contractor that you can trust to do excellent work. Follow the tips listed below to find the perfect one that suits your needs.

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Tips for identifying HVAC contractors

Ask people in your circle for suggestions. A friend, neighbor, or family member who has had an excellent experience with a cooling and heating contractor may be able to give you names. Equally important would be the names of contractors that need to be avoided.

Run an online search for “air condition repair firms near me,” “heater repair near me,” or “Heater, Ventilation, or Air Condition near me.” This type of online search will give you a list of all contractors or companies in the area.

Internet directories are an excellent place to start when finding HVAC companies or contractors. Run a local search of the national directories to look for cooling and heating contractors near you. Check out the Better Business Bureau or BBB, Angie’s List, Yelp, Craigslist, White or Yellow Pages.

Visit the local home improvement store in the area. Ask people who are shopping in the store for HVAC companies or contractor recommendations, especially people who are in the store who are shopping for furnace repair parts and air conditioner filters.

And lastly, you can also call the Chamber of Commerce in the city you are living in for any recommendations.

What is the Better Business Bureau? Check out for more details.

How to narrow down the list of contractor candidates?

Once you have identified Heating, Ventilation, and Air Condition contractors and companies in the area, it is now time to narrow the list down to three to five top contenders.

Visit their website – Look for the contractor’s membership in industry associations like the Better Business Bureau. Also, check if the company has won any HVAC awards. Also, check for customer reviews, because it can tell you how the contractor or company do their job in their previous clients. Get a feel for the contractor by checking out their website and noting the services they offer.

Visit their social media pages – Social media pages like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn is a gold mine when it comes to getting the necessary information about the contractor. Their social media posts can give a more current and immediate picture of what the firm is like.

Read customer reviews on pages like Google business page – These can’t be easily manipulated or faced, so it is more trustworthy than reviews found on the firm’s website.

Read this AC repair article of firms on sites like Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, or Yelp.

After completing the steps mentioned above, eliminate all but the top two Heating, Ventilation, and Air Condition contractors from the list of potentials.

Preparing for the firm’s arrival

The next thing to do to find a reputable service provider is to call the remaining firms on your list. Ask some questions, and if their answers are satisfactory, arrange for on-site estimate visits.

Pre-visit questions to make sure the contractors are safe

To execute repairs and maintenance or replace HVAC equipment, technicians usually need to access their client’s homes. Make sure that your family’s safety is the priority by asking the questions listed below during the first phone interview with the contractor.

Is the necessary background checking run on all their employees?

Did they do a criminal check on all their employees?

Do their technicians regularly drug tested?

Do they have an insurance policy?

Do their technicians have the right license?

Has the firm been in this kind of business for at least five years?

Are they rated A+ in the Better Business Bureau?

During estimate visit

Estimate visits are not binding, and clients are not obligated to retain the firm’s services. Clients will have two to three vendors or contractors come to their home, take a closer look at the job that needs to be done, and give them a proper estimate.

One day before the estimate visit, call the company to confirm the estimate visit and to find out the names of the professionals who will come to your home. When the technician arrives at the site doing the estimate, make sure to pay attention to a few things.

They should be in a vehicle bearing the company logo or name. They should be wearing uniforms provided by the company. They should be carrying or wearing identification tags. Make sure to look at their identification tag and check if the person wearing it matches the photo on the identification tag they are wearing.

And lastly, make sure that the name on the tag is the person that the firm said would be coming to your house. This professional will be working in your home and will be around your family for a couple of hours, or even days. Be thorough in checking and verifying their identities.


Property managers and homeowners who know their HVAC units and components will have a significant advantage when speaking with Heating, Ventilation, and Air Condition contractors. Knowing parts, providing accurate information about the system can help the cooling and heating company to provide reliable and faster service.

Keeping good records about the system maintenance will enable property owners and homeowners to keep their systems regularly serviced. It extends the life of their unit and makes sure it provides continued optimum performance.