Air Conditioning

How To Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit Running Efficiently All Summer Long

air conditioner. That means operating your system at peak efficiency. You have two very good reasons for ensuring your air conditioner is running efficiently, the first is cost. The longer your unit is running, the more money you can expect to spend on your utility bills. The second is maintenance. In order for your unit to run efficiently and keep you and your family cool all summer long, you need to put in the time and effort towards proper upkeep. A unit that is neglected is going to need air conditioning repair in Albuquerque a lot sooner than necessary. An energy efficient air conditioner is going to be a lot easier on your wallet and keep your home comfortable throughout this long hot summer on the horizon. Here are some tips to help you save money on your air conditioning while reducing the risk of malfunction at a time when you’ll need the unit to work the most.

The Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is an ideal way to keep your unit running efficiently all summer long. That’s because you can set it and forget it, regulating the system to keep the unit operating with total efficiency. This helps to avoid the routine of turning the unit off and on repeatedly and adjusting the temperature too often. These can both have a costly effect on the operation of your AC. For one thing, burdening the system with all of these adjustments can actually cause it to operate longer and more often than need be. A programmable can also alleviate the labor on the system, causing your unit to break down sooner than expected.

Reduce the Heat

Efficiency is all about operating the air conditioner less often and for shorter periods. That means you want to reduce any and all sources of heat that the AC will need to battle and overcome just to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. There are many ways you can do this. Choose window coverings that can drastically reduce or limit the amount of heat that gets into the home through your windows. Glass is a lousy insulator so it’s up to your window coverings to do the work of restricting the heat from outside getting in. Check the kitchen as well. Your oven and dishwasher can both be sources of heat that can make it tougher to cool the home and force you to run the air conditioner for longer than you might have to if you had just kept these appliances off. Pick and choose the times you use these appliances, to reduce the effects of their heat on the interior of your home.

Your Filter

Finally, change your air conditioner’s air filter at least every three months. More if you use the AC with increased frequently. A dirty air filter will force the unit to work harder and longer to control the climate in your home to a comfortable temperature.