Air Conditioning

Knowing When it is Time to Get Your AC Repaired

AC repair before the unit completely stops working. Knowing what to look for enables homeowners to be proactive and take steps to prevent total AC failure.Home Not Cooling As Well If you’ve suddenly started to feel warmer in the home, causing you to continue to lower the temperature on the unit, there is a problem. Be aware that this can happen slowly, over time. A person may not even notice it, at first. For this reason, it’s a good idea to pay attention to how often the AC settings must be changed. This way, it’s easier to be aware of changes, as they happen. When the home is not cooling, it could signal a problem in the ductwork. It may also mean something is going on with the compressor.Humidity If the home is humid, even when the air conditioner is running, this is a clear indication that something is not working correctly. The air conditioner removes the humidity from the air, keeping the home cooler and more comfortable. The home should not feel humid while the unit is running. When humidity is a noticeable call for a repair. The unit may be having issues keeping up with the humidity in the air for a number of reasons. A professional repair person can diagnose the problem.

Warm Air Stand in front of the vents and feel the air that is coming out. The vents should never push out warm air. The air should be cool and refreshing when things are working as they should be. Warm air can be caused by not having enough coolant or from a problem with the compressor. Odor The air coming out of the air conditioner should never smell bad. If the air coming out of the unit smells bad, or strange, turn the unit off and call for help. The odor could be a sign that there is mold or mildew in the unit. It could even mean that pests had taken up residence when the unit was not being used. The best thing to do is have it checked out and thoroughly cleaned.

Strange Sounds Homeowners know the sounds of the items in their home. When something starts making a strange sound, it’s generally noticeable. The sound from your AC should not change over time. When the sound changes, it’s a signal that something is going on in there that should be looked at by a professional. Keep these signs in mind. They are all helpful signals that your AC gives. When you pay attention to what is going on with the appliances in the home, it makes life a lot easier. Being able to call a repair person at the first sign of trouble can be beneficial. This way repairs can be made before the unit stops working. Many times be catching issues early, repairs are easier and less expensive. Get in the habit of paying attention to the appliances and components in the home. Doing this can save homeowners from a lot of aggravation down the line.