Decoration Ideas: Quick Guide to Design the Perfect Bedroom

Handyman you want to bring to your bedroom, when you decide to redecorate or design it again, it is essential that you start with the correct selection of the bed, both the support and the mattress. It is the first step in the configuration of a comfortable bedroom. A good rest directly affects our state, both physical and emotional. Poor posture can cause problems in the back and in the neck, affecting our mood accordingly.

Correct Ventilation: It is an essential factor to favor rest. All bedrooms need to have an opening to the outside, as a window or balcony, which allows opening easily for a long time every day with the aim of renewing the air. The lack of purity, inadequate temperature or excessive humidity can disrupt our sleep, affecting later our daily activities. The lack of oxygenation produced by insufficient ventilation will affect our breathing, so we will not rest properly. The ideal Temperature: The quality of sleep is also influenced by the temperature of the room. It is necessary to correctly state the system with which we will achieve it, both in summer and in winter. Excessive use of heating or air conditioning will prevent us from resting properly. Curtains, bedding or carpets help to partially isolate certain noises. The walls covered or papered also help to mitigate it. However, if the outside noise is excessive you must consider changing the glass of the windows by double glazing. In this way you will be able to isolate your bedroom from noise and temperature changes at the same time. The ideal Lighting: Like the rest of the rooms in the house, the bedroom requires a good study of lighting. In order to obtain the adequate one we must consider the following types of illumination: General lighting is achieved through the use of luminaires located on the ceiling, spotlights or wall sconces that are directed towards it. Thanks to these elements we will achieve that the bedroom illuminates in a homogeneous and generalized way. They have to do it in an adequate way to avoid points of excessive luminosity, especially in rest areas.

Storage areas to Maintain order: An untidy bedroom generates restlessness, so it does not help to rest properly. It is necessary, therefore, to state how and where we are going to store all our things from the beginning. In a room we accumulate clothes, bags, shoes, bedding, personal items, books … so if they are not stored properly we will hinder the transit, ventilation and accumulate too much dust.

Decorative Personality: There is no room in the house more personal than the bedroom. For this reason, its decoration must reflect the personality of the person who inhabits it. Try to stay out of fads and trends too strident, especially in elements that you cannot change with some frequency. If you love some excessive pattern, use it in accessories that you can easily replace when fashion has passed.

Colors for rest: In essence, the bedroom is the room in which we should rest peacefully, so it is recommended that you use cool colors, such as blues and greens, to achieve a calm and relaxed atmosphere. You can also opt for the range of neutrals -whites, grays, blacks, earths, creams-, which are passive and harmonious colors. Blue is the coldest option of all that exist in the chromatic circle. If you mix it with violets or greens, you will reduce the feeling of austerity and coldness. Green is probably the most balanced proposal, since it is a secondary color, a mixture of blue and yellow, two tons of opposite characteristics. Depending on the proportion of blue or yellow that contains green you can increase or decrease the perception of warmth or coldness. If you use an intense color to paint any of the walls of the room, choose bedding in softer shades. If, on the other hand, the walls are neutral, you can add the vibrant color note in the accessories and textiles.