Safety in the Bathroom is a Primary Concern

The smallest room in any home is the toilet and bathroom. However, when visitors and guests arrive, it also happens to be the most visited. This can be a source of concern for the owners or it can be a moment of pride. Getting the bathroom and toilet clean and ready for visitors is usually not on the agenda of most homeowners. They may feel that if they are comfortable with the current state of the toilet, then their guests should be just as comfortable in using it.
There are usually some opinions about whether it is better to have a bath, rather than just a shower. What it all boils down to is personal preference. However, when it comes to guests, they do not really care for the owner’s preferences, but they will appreciate what they see. Whether this is a stand-alone tub, or a modern walk-in shower stall, the point is that it should be clean even if the guests will not use them.
The Appeal of a Pristine Shower
Imagine seeing a brand new gleaming walk-in shower, but with a dirty glass screen. This would be a turn off, or at least the guests would have negative opinions about the owner. These are not usually voiced, but it would be especially embarrassing if you did not even try to clean your shower stall.
The shower stall is designed to be easy to clean. No matter what technology is used, water drops will stick to the wall and the wetroom shower screens. If not properly cleaned, the water drops leave a faint white shadow where they had been originally. This is the least of your worries. There is still the potential problem of mould and mildew. All of these problems could be prevented by just cleaning the shower stall. It does not have to be done every day. Cleaning once a week is all that is necessary to maintain a clean shower.
Preventing Accidents by Cleaning
Related to the above, spills can also occur. This usually happens with bath tubs. When the water spills over the side, the water stays there unless it is mopped up. This can lead to slippery floors and accidents. This can be dangerous to anyone who uses the bathroom, including the user who spilled the water.
For the modern bathroom, there is usually a shower stall because of the smaller size of bathrooms. The shower stall is designed to keep the water in, and not let it spill out to the bathroom floor. It usually has a raised threshold which keeps the water from flowing out. It may not seem like much but it is a necessary innovation.
Another thing that people are afraid of when in the bath is accidentally sliding on the floor and hitting themselves against something. This is a real concern, especially for older people. Most shower stalls have slip proof floors to address this issue. It can be a big help for many people, as it is one less thing to worry about.