Different Carpet Care and Maintenance Methods

carpet selection from a wide variety of textures, patterns, and colors. Carpet is cost effective, as compared to hardwood floors and other options. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, carpet is cozy, helping to create a warm and inviting home. There is one kind of annoying thing about carpet. In order for it to look nice, it needs to be regularly maintained. Fortunately, doing so is not difficult. In fact, carpet maintenance comes down to just three basic elements: regular vacuuming, speedy attention to spills, and occasional professional cleaning. You don’t need very many materials to maintain your carpet, and it can be done in just a matter of minutes each week. For best results, it is a good idea to make a carpet maintenance plan.

Vacuum Regularly

Your full carpet needs to be vacuumed once a week, no matter the circumstances. Dirt and debris left in your carpet for longer than that can cause your carpet to deteriorate faster. For this reason, it is also a good idea to vacuum high traffic areas — like hallways, entryways, and living rooms — more like every 2-3 days. It is also crucial to use the right vacuum. Low-quality vacuum cleaners can fail to remove enough dirt, dust, and debris to make it worth your while. Additionally, lower quality vacuum cleaners can cause your carpet to wear out. For best results, select a vacuum with a suction power of at least 245 AW (air watts) or higher.

Attend to Spills ASAP

Spills and other accidents are the biggest threat to the longevity of your carpet. Fortunately, if they are tended to immediately, most stains can be treated and removed. In the event of a spill, immediately blot up as much liquid as you can using a clean folded towel or stack of paper towels. Next, treat the stain using a manufacturer’s approved cleaning solution. It is important to find out which commercial stain removers are approved for your carpet, as certain products can react poorly with certain fibers and carpet coatings. If you do not want to use a commercial stain remover, you can make one at home using equal parts club soda and white vinegar. You may want to spot test this, or any cleaning solution, in an inconspicuous area before applying it to the stain. Apply your chosen solution generously and give it 5-15 minutes. You can then blot up as much of the stain as possible, and repeat the application. Once the stain has been lifted out, give the carpet some time to dry, and then vacuum the area to remove any remaining debris. If you have no idea what kind of carpet stain treatment you should be using on your carpet, it is a great idea to figure that out now, when you are not in the midst of a crisis. Once you determine the best stain treatment solution for you, you should try to keep some on hand. Dealing with a spill immediately is the best way to prevent a permanent carpet stain. If you are having trouble removing a stain, you may want to call in for professional back-up, which leads to our next point.

Hire a Professional

Regular vacuuming and stain treatment will keep your carpet looking great for a long time. But nothing can come close to the value of the occasional professional cleaning. A professional carpet cleaning can remove deep, embedded dirt, refreshing your home and extending the life of your carpet. Experts recommend having a professional deep carpet cleaning at least once per calendar year. This easy and relatively low-cost maintenance effort can have a dramatic impact on your carpet. If you want to keep your carpet looking great, make this a priority for you. If it has been more than a year since your last professional carpet cleaning, consider making an appointment with Rainier Chem-Dry today.

Create a Schedule

If you want to keep your carpet looking its best, it is strongly advised to create a carpet maintenance schedule. Figure out when you will vacuum (and who will do it) and write it down on your calendar. Also, be sure to mark down the date of your annual professional carpet cleaning. If you can stick to these three simple elements of carpet maintenance — regular vacuuming, quick treatment of stains, and the occasional professional cleaning — you will keep your carpet happy and healthy for years to come.]]>