How To Avoid Carpet Mold After Water Damage

Removing the Moisture This is job one immediately. Once you’ve done it, you can then assess how much damage has been caused by the water that seeped into your home. The best way to do the job is to use a wet/dry vacuum and this will work just as effectively on your basement carpeting as it will on the carpet in your living room.

Drying the Carpets

You need to dry the carpets as quickly as possible. One of the best methods for doing this is through the use of fans. The stronger, the better. What’s helpful about fans is that they don’t just dry the water-affected area but they can help to circulate air throughout the room. This is imperative to avoiding carpet mold as proper airflow can reduce the development of mold. Dehumidifiers are also excellent for restricting the growth of mold and mildew while doing the important work of drying out the moisture.

Cleaning Your Carpets and Floors

In order to do the job right, you will need to steam clean the carpets thoroughly. So now’s the time to call your local Arlington carpet cleaner to have a professional come in and take good care of cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing your carpeting material. The carpet can usually be cared for through steam cleaning after water damage has occurred. However, the padding beneath the carpet will most likely need to be removed and replaced. This is a much better alternative than having the same done to the carpet itself. So be sure you work to steam clean the carpeting as soon as you have removed all of the moisture and dried everything.

Surrounding Areas

Scrubbing down the walls, the floors, and any other surfaces that may have come in contact with the water is also critical to reducing the development of mold in the home. Here is where you need to use a bleach-based cleanser or create your own mix of bleach and warm water and get started on cleaning everything that may have been impacted by this excess moisture in the home. Water damage need not be the end of your carpets. As long as you act fast and follow all of these steps without fail, you can be sure to prevent your carpet from falling victim to the growth of mold and mildew.