10 Helpful Tips from Experts in High-End Flower Delivery

The best flower shops are at your service even at the last minute, but if you need a same-day delivery it always makes things go more smoothly to place you order in the morning, as soon after opening time as possible. Confirming earlier also gives you a much larger selection from which to choose in nearly every case.

2 .  Keep Seasonal Flowers in Mind

Chances are you already have a favorite bloom and sending it always is a genius idea. But keep seasonal varieties in mind. When you order from the best florist Upper East Side has available, don’t hesitate to ask for advice about what’s looking best and at its peak of freshness and beauty, no matter what month of the year.

3 .   Decide Whether Your Special Person as a Modernist or a Traditionalist

Everybody has their favorites but there are nuances and finer details. The nicest luxury floral arrangements can be offered in a variety of aesthetics, but choosing the ideal one for your special person relies upon their personal sense of style. Before you make your decision, weigh contemporary versus classic carefully.

4 .   Remember Peonies During Springtime

Peonies are one of the most popular and luxurious blooms and every spring they are trending and in demand like no other. With oversized blossoms jam-packed with lacy and intricate petals, they are sensational in every way. The peony adds luxurious volume to any piece and instantly makes it high-end.

5 .   Choose Roses in Updated Bouquets with Unconventional Styling

Hands down, roses are the most popular flower in the world. Look to finer local florists like Gabriela Wakeham Floral Design to make these icons reach now heights of glamour and elegance. It is all about fresh ideas and styling that is ahead of the curve. When roses are done well, they are the best-looking choice of all.

6 .   If You’re Sending to a Modern Office, White is the Best Color

Designers and architects most often are loyal devotees of modernism. For them, nothing beats the concept of elegant simplicity in white. This can be roses, orchids, or calla lilies — which are regarded by the flower cognoscenti as the most regal blooms of all. Ultimate sophistication is the vibe of bouquets in this style.

7 .   Send Red Flowers for Love and Romance

Red is not for Valentine’s Day only! When love is in the air, the ideal choice is long-stem red roses. A plethora of other blossoms also are available in red and therefore equally appropriate for these occasions. Ruby red tulips, for example, are a great contemporary look to say “I love you” in a surprisingly beautiful romantic arrangement.

8 .  Make Sure to Do Research and Browse Seriously Good Sites

The beauty and distinction of what you send relies in large part of the choices you are given. Don’t click on the first decent thing you come across. Give yourself the opportunity to review more and better choices – which means browsing a number of better online flower stores before placing your order.

9 .  Focus on Larger Styles for Celebrities and A-Listers

Going big and over-the-top are great, but it’s important not to sacrifice good taste and refinement. Luxury flower shops always must be your resources when VIPs and celebrities are on the receiving end of flowers. It takes a skilled designer’s touch to ensure everything is flawless, imaginative and up to exceptionally high standards for A-listers.

10 . Give Careful Thought to the Card Accompanying the Flowers

Nearly every experienced florist will advise that you have in mind your thoughts for a meaningful, considerate greeting before you pick up the phone to order from your trusted Upper East Side florist. It can be tough to find the perfect words on the spot, and it’s a given that your floral gift will be so much more personalized if the card conveys the perfect words for the moment and occasion.