4 Best House-Warming Gifts

best housewarming gift ideas to give them.


Giving a lucky bamboo plant is a unique gift idea. It is great for those looking to wish and bring good luck to a new home. Gifting a lucky bamboo plant is telling your friend or relative, “I wish you all the best of luck in the world in your new home and neighborhood.” This plant has been given as a symbol to represent your endearing friendship with your friend. You are wishing them an abundance of wealth, love, and good health. Tip: avoid gifting a 4-stalk arranged bamboo plant as Feng Shui experts say that this is considered rude and unlucky. So, gift a 2 to 3 to even a 21-stalked lucky bamboo plant as a housewarming gift, but never a 4-stalk one.


If your friend has children, moving can especially be stressful for the little ones. It may take them some time to feel at ease with their new surroundings. To help them settle those uneasy feelings, gift a comfortable pillow for support and comfort. Adults can also unload their stress from the move by giving them something to squeeze or lay on. Pillows are a great housewarming gift for both adults and children alike. For the adult or teen, hugging an anti-stress pillow will ease the tension from the move. For the kids, gift a smiley pillow or a pillow with their favorite character and they’ll be comforted and distracted at the same time.

Address Stamp

A new home sets the tone for new hopes and new experiences (and a new address to remember). While your friend or relative is familiarizing themselves with their new neighborhood, why not gift them an address stamp. Practical, not to mention useful, the avid writer will find the address stamp an invaluable housewarming gift, especially when moving to a new address. Remember that you wanted to help your friend get used to their new neighborhood? Well, this address stamp is the perfect accessory and excuse to write even more letters while finding the best route to their new local post office.

Indoor Security Camera

If your friend is big on tech, then you’ll never go wrong gifting electronics. Now, I’m not saying to go out and buy them a 60-inch flat-screen television because we all know how enormous those televisions are (after all, they are going to pick up their gift at the post office). So, perhaps giving them an indoor security cam will delight them just the same. An indoor security camera will put your friend’s mind at ease, especially when moving to a new neighborhood. Give the gift of security by giving your tech-savvy friend or relative this housewarming gift they can use every day (without breaking the bank).