Interior Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

Interior decorating is a powerful thing. With the right furniture arrangements, the right colors on the walls, and the right decorating details, we can make our spaces more comfortable and more functional. Great interior design can make our lives easier and improve our mental health. But perfecting any room is easier said than done, and even experienced decorators should be careful to avoid these interior decorating mistakes. 

Matching all of your wall hangings

What have you hung on your walls? For many of us, the answer is pretty bland. It is all too common to see matching picture frames with different snapshots in them hanging along the walls.

Spice up things! Swap out some of those photos for things like quilts, tapestries, and shadowboxes. Add some depth and texture to your wall hangings, and you’ll have a more interesting vibe in your space. You don’t have to give up on your art and photographs, of course — you can still use those, and you can even put some on stretched canvas or other unique materials. Custom canvas printing through companies such as Simple Canvas Prints is a super affordable way to diversify your wall decor.

Oh, and while we’re here — how are you hanging your art? Too many folks hang their art at the wrong height. Hanging art too high (or too low) can make it look ridiculous, but you can safely hang your stuff at around the average person’s eye level. Figure that anywhere around 57 inches or so is a good bet — don’t go more than a few inches off of that.

Putting all of your furniture against the wall — or facing the TV

In very small spaces, you may find that furniture fits only along the walls. And, of course, you’ll probably want some seats to have a view of your TV (if you think you should go entirely without such seats, then you may want to skip ahead to the “putting function over form” section and then think again). But, if you have much choice in the matter, you should try to avoid keeping all of your furniture trapped against the walls or facing your TV.

Free your furniture from the walls and use it to create “zones” instead. Mix and match, avoid too much symmetry, and create an interesting flow through your space. The result will be a room that feels interesting while also being functional and comfortable.

Putting function over form

When you’re decorating and rearranging your space, you need to focus on how you actually want to use that space. What makes a space feel right to you? What do you actually want to be doing in this room?

For too many of us, this vital question gets pushed aside in favor of a less useful one: What looks good? That’s what makes us hide all of our video games and other favorite things in out-of-sight places, or tempts us to cover our most-used surfaces in decorations, or rearrange our personal library by color when we know full well that we’ll have trouble finding the right book later.

You can make functionality beautiful, but don’t focus on form at the expense of function. It will disrupt the feel of your room, and the force of your needs and habits will mean that you’ll find it hard to keep your room looking the way that you planned. Those video games are going to get used and those books are going to be read, so find a way to organize them and display them that serves your life as well as your eyes.