Precautions for Outdoor Furniture

As the summertime draws to a close, most people are trying to squeeze the most use out of these last few days of warm weather and sunshine. The good times will be in short supply, however, if you’ve forgotten to properly protect your foam mattress against the harsh conditions that flourish during the hottest part of the year. Outdoor threats come in many forms, but the most commonly encountered enemies are bug infestations and water damage. Here is some advice from The Foam Factory to help you prepare your space.

One precaution to use when guarding your outdoor foam against insects is to douse your bed in a heavy duty bug repellent, which will certainly keep the critters at bay but may leave your furniture with that harsh chemical smell. As long as it remains in an open area with direct sunlight and a nice breeze, the strong odor should take care of itself, but you can always opt for an insect-repelling cushion cover if you’d like a more eco-friendly alternative.

Open air and direct sunlight are also a must when it comes to protection from moisture, but protection from rain, snow, and even an abundance of morning dew must be taken into consideration as well, so an overhead enclosure or a large umbrella would make welcome additions to your deck or patio.

Keeping your mattress sheltered from the elements is key to maintaining its pristine condition. Outdoor foam replacement can be costly and time consuming, so taking these simple precautions will keep you in summertime bliss all year long.

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