Sunroom Design Trends for 2017

If you’re planning on designing a sunroom, there are a few trends that you want to consider. Wicker furniture is an option if you want something that is easy to move around and that can be used with many colors. The furniture usually comes in neutral shades, allowing you to use cushions and other details that blend together that you enjoy.

With these tips from Wicker Paradise, you can create an atmosphere that’s more like a living space instead of a sunroom with textured rugs, lights and some of the same furnishings that you would have in the home.

One of the trends that you might want to follow is creating a sunroom that flows with the rest of the home instead of one that seems like it’s unattached from the house. You can get rattan furniture in the same colors and designs as the furniture in the home along with French doors or sliding doors so that there is a seamless transition from one area of the home to another. Neutral colors in the sunroom often work well with this design.

Bright sunrooms with cushions, rugs and other details in vibrant colors are a trend for 2017. Avoid using darker colors and those that make space seem enclosed. When you use wicker furniture cushions, consider colors that include orange, teal or yellow. These bright shades will blend well with the function of the sunroom, which is to enjoy the sun as much as possible without being directly outside.

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