The Ultimate Guide to Reclaimed Dining Tables

high quality and unique home décor keeps growing, reclaimed wood furniture has also become very popular. Reclaimed dining tables bring back the rich and old outlook to give the home a new timeless character. The reclaimed pieces are preferred by more people because they can enjoy a unique vintage touch without compromising on style. Here is the complete guide to reclaimed dining tables.

What exactly is a reclaimed dining table?  

Whether you have been targeting to get an eco-friendly type of furniture or simply want that rustic look of recycled wood, picking a reclaimed dining table should is a highly informed choice. But what exactly are reclaimed wood dining tables?

Reclaimed wood furniture such as the Rustic dining table and Marble dining table is designed from timber that had been used previously. Such timber can come from housing roof beams, floorboards, and even joists among others. In some cases, the timber can be sourced from unusual sources such as fishing boat timber and even written off wooden fortresses. Therefore, using recycled wood furniture helps to reduce the number of trees cut for such production.

Some features to expect on your reclaimed dining table   

All pieces of wood come with natural characteristics that make furniture look beautiful. But the surface of reclaimed wood has been in use and it is, therefore, naturally aged. This gives it a unique texture that cannot be duplicated on brand new wood. Here are some of these features.

  • Variations

Because the wood is reclaimed, your marble dining table will have some variations in shading and even grains. This implies that every piece will be unique.

  • Knots

Knots are natural in most types of wooden furniture. In reclaimed rustic dining tables such as Causeway Dining Table and Axel Parquet MK2 Dining Table, the knots help to add character but do not affect performance.

  • Nail holes

Reclaimed wood in many cases features small holes where previous nails went through. The holes in most of the cases do not follow a specific pattern. Therefore, they help to give your reclaimed furniture a very unique aged outlook.

Why you should go for a reclaimed dining table

There are many reasons why people go for reclaimed wooden furniture such as such as the glacier dining table or the Axel MK2 Round dining table. Most people want a connection to the past in a unique way. The sight of a unique table from wood harvested decades ago is enough to make some people rush direct home after work. Here are other reasons for selecting reclaimed pieces.

  1. The dining tables are more environmentally friendly. This is perhaps the most important benefit of reclaimed wooden dining tables. The pieces help to reduce the demand for trees and harmful gases that could have been emitted if they were simply burnt. It is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.
  2. Strength and durability. Because wood used to make reclaimed dining tables has seasoned many years, it is denser and, therefore stronger compared to new wood. The same durability is carried to the finished pieces such as the Titus dining table and Boston dining table.
  3. Reclaimed wood delivers a lot of character. The sign of previous life in a Rustic dining table provides a special charm that cannot be achieved from new timber. From nail holes to unique grains, you will have something different and truly enthralling. But this is not all. Every piece of wood in that Causeway dining table denotes special history of where it is derived.

With the current changing interior décor trends, do not be left behind in redefining your dining experience. Bring back that rustic thrill to your dining space by selecting your favorite reclaimed dining table.