2 Ways to Beautify the Interiors of your Office and Residential Space

  • Wall graphics mascot :
  • If you want to turn the empty wall in your office or your house into something productive then wall graphics are the solution. Wall graphics in Mascot are very creative and make a customer-friendly environment in your office. The ambiance is nicely beatified with the wall decor. The latex wall decor comes in a lot of variety and designs. You can include the company’s key feature, promote the company’s values, your merchandise, etc with the help of this service. You can also advertise your products in a very creative manner. The company can also print its logo on walls and doors which will give a very formal look to the ambiance. You can also put these graphics in a lobby through which a customer comes in. This way the customer can be made aware of the products and services in a creative manner.

    Advantages of having a wall graphics mascot :

    • Looks more beautiful as compared to signboards
    • Wall graphics are less expensive than hand paintings.
    • The staff becomes cheerful.
    • It can be cleaned easily.
    • Replacing the graphic is not very difficult, it just requires a light pull.
    • If a part of the graphic gets damaged then it can be reprinted and placed.
    • The color schemes enhance productivity and happiness.
    1. Glass frosting mascot :

    Frosted glass is a translucent glass used in interiors. It allows the light to pass but blurs the vision making it a good option for making private yet connected spaces in your house or offices. There are 2 types of glass frosting  :

    1. Sandblasted glass:
    • The degree of translucency can be altered.
    • It has a rough surface.
    • Patterns can be made by covering the part in the shape which is required while sandblasting.
    • It needs daily cleaning.
    1. Acid-etched glass:
    • Can be modified into translucent or opaque
    • Has a smooth surface
    • Patterns can be made using stencils.
    • Does not need daily cleaning

    So here we will be talking about in what ways glass frosting mascot helps you decorate your interiors. Diminish lighting: The frosted glass scatters the light coming from outside and thus diminishes it, which helps to create a peaceful and elegant ambiance.

    Extension: It helps us to extend any room to the garden area or any area which allows natural light to come in. It also allows us to just put a glass wall instead of putting a whole concrete wall, which enhances the decor of the house.

    Dividing two spaces: Internal glass walls or windows always help to enhance the beauty of the interior. It helps to divide two areas. The two areas being visually connected but physically divided serves a good purpose. Doors: Doors can be made by using frost glass in your houses or office space. Frosted doors maintain the privacy and the aesthetics of the cabin. In

    bathrooms: Frosted glass can help divide the wet area and the dry area. The glass is translucent, takes care of the privacy together with enhancing the interior.