4 Plant Box Shopping Tips

Are you looking for a versatile option to up your home decoration efforts? Plant boxes could be your answer. From the front porch, hallway, corners, among other areas, adding a plant box isn’t that challenging, and it could transform your home. With the right box, you can get a lot more than a place for your plants, as it can double as an extra piece of furniture and storage space for items such as toys. With an extensive collection from to choose from, your quest to score that majestic plant box won’t be a daunting process. While shopping for an ideal plant box, nonetheless, you need to mark a few items, as there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Among the top consideration to include on your checklist includes;

Target area

Establishing where you intend to place the plant box is the first step. Examining your target areas allows you to determine the ideal size, shape, and style, among other considerations, the plant box should posses. If, for instance, you aren’t dealing with limited space, and intend to make the box a focal point, a big-scale plant box is an ideal choice. With your target area in mind, you can also spot the best style that seamlessly blends with the rest of the surroundings, such as the color, finish, and style.

Intended use

Do you intend to grow a single plant, annuals, or a water garden? Plants’ features vary, and while some might thrive in an area without extensive root space, others might wither. Leaning on a wider plant box to accommodate roots extension and growth is recommended unless you don’t intend for the box to be the primary plant placement. For example, if the plant remains in its pot, as the box doubles as an organization and storage space, you don’t have to worry about the root ball.

Material and finish

While considering the material and finish, you’ll have to revisit the target area and plant box’s intended use. The good news is that popular materials are sturdy, capable of withstanding indoor and outdoor pressures. Considering the finish, however, you need to understand how easy it is to clean and maintain the box, as you don’t want it to lose its striking looks within a short period. Moreover, following your needs, you could consider the material and how it could affect the box’s movement ease, especially if you intend to change its positioning regularly.


While choosing a design, it would help if you considered how it would blend with your items. With various designs and finishes, whether you are dealing with contemporary or traditional style, you can find an option that best matches your target area. Consider features such as the color scheme, the finish, and shape to ensure that the plant box doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Picking the best plant box might not be that straightforward, but you can narrow your options to an ideal choice with the above points. Don’t forget to check if the box has a drainage hole, or that you can drill one without destroying the box.