5 Ways to Make Your Vacation Rental Stand Out

Owning a vacation rental is a great way to make extra income, but you can only do so when the property is booked. However, it can be challenging to sustain occupancy in popular rental markets. This is why it’s essential to go the extra mile as a host. By tweaking your listing, providing an exemplary experience for guest, and maintaining the house, you can boost positive reviews and attract new renters. 

This guide will break down some specific steps that you can take to make your rental property stand out among the competition. When you follow through on these tips, you can enjoy higher occupancy rates and more profit. 

  • Know Your Market

Some homeowners put their house up for rent without a specific market in mind. However, knowing your market will help you craft the listing and decorate accordingly. To find your target market, consider the location of the house and nearby activities. If you are near a beach, you might target families booking a vacation or couples looking for a seaside getaway. Houses by popular outdoor attractions can be great for adventurous types like skiers, hikers, and mountain climbers. Determining this focus will prevent you from casting your net too wide. 

  • Perfect The Listing

The online listing leaves a first impression on potential renters, so you want to make sure it’s polished. Take high quality pictures to showcase the property, paying attention to lighting. Ensure that the description of the rental is detailed and free of errors. Be sure that you highlight the most impressive features of the property, such as the pool or large kitchen. If you need help with the listing, be sure to reach out to a real estate agency. They can make the posting look as professional as possible, attracting more renters. 

  • Decorate With Character

When renters book your vacation home, they want to escape reality for the duration of their stay. This is why you should decorate your home to offer local charm or a unique experience. If you’re located by the water, you can create a breezy atmosphere through light colors and beachy details. Cabin owners might decorate their rentals to be rustic and cozy. Think about the experience you wish to create for your guests, and curate your decor to transport them. 

  • Take The Extra Step

As you strive to stand out from the competition, the details matter more than anything. You can impress guests and improve reviews by taking an extra step with their experience. Leave a gift basket in each bedroom to help the renters feel at home. You can also create a list of local events for your guests to attend. For example, if your rental home is located in a tropical area, you can help them discover new island events. Details like a guest book, lightly stocked fridge, and a guide of local businesses can also help your property shine. 

  • Keep Up With Repairs

As you decorate the rental home to perfection and craft the listing, you want to make sure that the house is in top condition. Schedule regular home inspections, ensure that the HVAC systems are working, and keep up with experior repairs. All of these details will make the property look more professional and reduce the chances of a maintenance emergency happening while your guests are in the house. Overall, guests will feel more comfortable in a clean and well-maintained property. 

By putting effort into your rental property and highlighting the right features, you can keep it booked throughout the year. While it may take some trial and error, you will eventually add the details that attract renters in your ideal market. Over time, the details will lead to return guests and glowing reviews.