Bringing the Spa Home

digital shower, for instance, can add another dimension to an at-home salon. If you are handy with tools and understand some plumbing basics, building a steam shower can add a luxurious sauna experience. There are many ways to approach this project. Now is the time to create a plan, assemble supplies and make it a reality.

Laying Out a Plan

Without a clear plan, nothing much gets accomplished. Make it a priority by reminding yourself that you are worth it and deserve to treat yourself kindly and well. With a planner open and pen in hand recall your favorite experiences from past spa visits. Was it the music? The aromas? The candles? Whatever comes to mind goes on paper. The spa experience is a buffet for the senses. Make yours a feast. Once you’ve committed it to paper it’s time to collect needed resources.

Assembling Supplies

There are a host of wholesale and discount sources for spa and salon supplies. Visiting a local beauty supply store is sure to turn up some good ideas and options. With those in hand, a quick internet search may net significant savings. If a digital steam shower is part of your dream, there are DIY kits and options for full turn-key installations.

Making it a Reality

Like a good play, when the stage is set, and the lights go down, you can lose yourself in the experience. Soothing music fills the air as does your favorite scent. Perhaps your home spa includes a massage recliner to work out sore muscles. Alternatively, some masseuses are happy to make house calls. After that relaxing sauna-like steam shower, sit down in front of the vanity and reward yourself with a facial. Enjoying the benefits of unwinding, taking a break and pampering yourself needn’t be reserved for only special occasions. Once your home spa is complete you can take advantage of it when it fits your schedule and is needed most. Rewarding yourself in this way is good for mind, body and spirit.]]>