Create an Outdoor Office In The Middle Of Nowhere

plastic and wood, or glass if you’re in an office built 2017 and beyond. Boy do we love drawing on windows. It’s a window AND it’s a whiteboard… REVOLUTIONARY.

But I digress…

Take your business elsewhere… and I mean truly elsewhere. What if you grabbed a tent, got yourself a mobile WiFi hotspot, something like this that can pick up WiFi anywhere, and allows you to connect multiple devices. You take this hotspot and pitch an office in the middle of the woods! Hear me out.

All you need to function is reliable internet, and with modern technology that’s possible for a very low price. You get yourself one of those huge tents that you could comfortably move around in, and the rest is what goes inside.

Of course we bring the hotspot, but what else? I think we could bring an Alexa. Why not? She doubles as a quality speaker, you’ll have internet so she’ll be able to play your music off of Spotify, Pandora, or Apple Music. Who knows, let’s get crazy, let’s bring an Alexa smart bulb for the evening. You’ll be able to dim it or make it whatever color is the most comfortable for you. You could set up a security camera outside your tent and also connect it to your laptop so that you will know if anyone is approaching.

The rest is entirely up to you. Perhaps a folding chair to work from with a comfortable lap desk. Perhaps you bring a little card table, cover it in a blanket to give yourself a comfortable surface for your arms to rest on. Bring a painting, hang it from the top of your tent, make it feel like home!

Before you know it, you’ve built yourself a full functioning office out wherever your imagination takes you. The only thing you’re missing is a printer, and frankly you could absolutely bring a printer if you wanted to, and connect it to the same network and print wirelessly, out… in the middle of nowhere.

You could treat this as your own solo personal getaway to focus on an important project, or bring a group of people and you can all bond and enjoy an experience together while getting work done during the day. It’ll be an experience that not only could increase morale but start a tradition.

Just remember, now a days, wherever there is WiFi, there is work to be done, so if you can take your WiFi anywhere, why not try?