Creating a Medieval-Inspired Garden Straight Out of a Fantasy Novel

 antique pieces like English copper planters can already start giving off that medieval vibe, so why don’t you transform your garden into something whimsical that’s straight out of a fantasy novel? Here are some of the best building materials and decorative structures to use for your garden:

Natural Stone Flooring Common natural stone flooring types include marble, limestone, slate, granite, sandstone, and travertine. Natural elements are more favored in the past, so it’s ideal to make a pathway to your garden using natural stones. They’re also more elegant and luxurious than any other synthetic flooring. It is important to know which type of material is best suited outdoors. Consider their absorption rate. It will be better to opt for something more water-resistant for easier maintenance.

Don’t forget to check if they’re a slippery material. Limestone flooring could do well in your medieval-inspired garden. The material dates back thousands of years ago; it’s even used by the Egyptians to construct their famous pyramids.It was also used in old churches and mansions, which makes it an ideal flooring option to add a touch of history in your garden.

Large Planters Minimalism wasn’t a popular concept in the distant past, so forget about that if you’re trying to create a medieval or renaissance garden. Over-the-top decorations such as large planters are quintessential elements in an ancient garden. You don’t need to be an inheritor of an ancestral estate to acquire antique planters. You can buy them in antique gardening shops. As long as you know how to play with scales, huge planters will never look awkward even if your garden is small. Choosing the right finish of a planter is also important so that it would fit in your garden’s theme. The colors and finishes should match your other garden structures.

Gazebos Adding an ancient-looking gazebo can create a major focal point in your garden. Aside from being decorative, it can be an outdoor hangout spot if you put a few furniture pieces in it. You can also decorate it with potted plants and lighting fixtures. If it suits you, make it a more romantic and intimate setting by limiting the space and surrounding it with colorful flowers. Or you can make it an open-air type without much furniture except for a few chairs. It can be a place to rest and relax where the breeze can touch your skin. Landscaping is a heavy task, and such a themed landscape can be more laborious, so be sure to get the necessary help when trying to design one. You’d want to make your historical garden picture-perfect without any missing elements, so make sure you do thorough research and consult experts.