Go green With Solar power at Home

Solar power is now the fastest growing form of energy, far outpacing other renewable energy sources like wind and water. The advantages of solar power are many; it is renewable, silent, emission-free and consistently available. Solar power is also an attractive investment due to the added value it gives a home. With the housing market slowing down considerably an alternative energy source definitely helps add to the desirability and resale value of a home.

Solar power for homes can go one of two ways. You can go solar thermal or solar photovoltaic. Going solar at home can be as complex or as simple as you desire and your imagination and finances allow. Solar systems can be upgraded over time to create a stronger and more powerful solar energy system. Connecting a domestic home brew system to the grid is cheaper and in many ways easier than buying (and maintaining and disposing of) batteries. It also provides far more flexibility in that you can sell surplus electricity back to your power supply company, offset this surplus against what you actually use, and if/when the need arises use (and pay for) more electricity than your domestic solar power system is capable of providing.

Residential green do it yourself kits are manufactured by several companies. If you decide to purchase such a kit, be certain that the kit features sturdy and efficient photovoltaic solar panels. Residential solar electrical systems are an important way to supplement your home’s power demands. They can trim down your electrical bills significantly while reducing your carbon footprint. It will also put your home’s eco-friendliness way ahead of the curve should you ever decide to move on to greener pastures.

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