How to keep tab of the things you have in your storage unit

Design a Sensible Layout Before you move things into your storage unit, think about how you might lay everything out. This is especially important if you use the unit to keep your business inventory. It will help with picking when it’s time to send out any orders that come in. You might want to add some shelves or perhaps some boxes or other storage. This will allow you to organise everything more clearly, and keep different items separately. Think about how you want to be able to navigate the unit and which items you will need most often.

Label Everything Some items in your storage unit might be immediately obvious when you need them. It’s hard to miss something large like a sofa. But if your unit is full of lots of different items, labelling them is a smart way to go. If you’re using shelving or other storage, you might put labels on your shelves or boxes. You could also put labels directly on your items. Think about your labelling system before you start. Will you simply put what the item is, or perhaps use a product code or another system to make it easy to find things?

Create a List or Spreadsheet Once you’ve put things in your storage unit, you can keep track of what’s there, as well as what you put in and take out. For simple storage units, a list of what you have might suffice. If there are only ten things in there, you’re unlikely to go wrong with a short list. However, for more complicated setups, a spreadsheet or database could be the way to go. You can keep track of item names, quantities, different options like colours or sizes, and more. Update your list or spreadsheet as you remove or add items.

Use an App or Software Struggling to keep up with your spreadsheet? Using an app or inventory software could be the smarter choice to help you keep track of what’s in your unit. You can use your phone or other mobile device so that you can update your inventory while in your unit. Cloud software enables you to use it anywhere, and you can also integrate it with other software like order management software. Using a storage unit to manage your personal possessions or business inventory is a clever move. By keeping track of your things, you can be sure that you know where everything is.