Most Common Garage Door Repair Problems

Garage Door Repair Plano can help repair the garage door and fix common problems a homeowner may be experiencing. Broken Springs If the garage door opens with a manual opener there may be a problem if it is too hard to open or the door shuts too quickly. For those that use an automatic garage door opener the door will not lift at all. If a person wants to open the door they may need to use the emergency release button. A professional repair person will check on the spring above the door to see if it has become or damaged. They will be able to replace the spring so that the door opens properly.

Sensor Misaligned There are two laser sensors that are located at the base of the garage door. They are there to reduce the amount of damage when the door and it can help detect objects that are close by.

The sensors are in a specific alignment and are they become misaligned the door will automatically reverse and in some other cases, it will not open. A professional will be able to adjust the sensors or the sensor box so they are lined up again. Once they are back in the proper order the door will open once again.

Remote Issues Most remotes are able to last for a long period of time and the only thing they may need are new batteries. If the batteries have been replaced and the remote is still not working this can mean there is a more serious problem. The professionals will be able to test a new remote of the garage. They can also make the homeowner a spare remote for future use.

The door is Off Track If the door was slammed down or it is hit something the door can have gotten off of the track. The professional repair person will need to come and check out the track. There may be bends or dents that need to be repaired. They may also need to reattach the door and check the rails to make sure that it is aligned once again.

Noisy Door The garage door can be rather noisy. There are many things can squeak and make noise. The wheel track, hinges, and bearing can make noise. They need to be well lubricated in order to work and if they are old they may begin to make noise. This needs to be handled. It can be annoying but if left untreated the door can become jammed and will not work right.

Regular Maintenance Like everything else, regular maintenance can reduce the chance of a part of the garage door breaking. A technician should inspect the door and lubricate all of the parts a couple of times a year. This will reduce the chance of a problem and a person will not have to end up paying a lot of money for repairs in the future. It is better to prevent problems with the garage door before they begin and cause a real issue. These are some common issues with garage doors. If a person is experiencing an issue with the door they should contact a professional repair company to handle it and reduce the chance of a more serious problem with the garage.