Need to Replace Your Deck? Consider Composite Decking Material

deck replacement materials, there are 7 key points that you should address before settling on your decision, especially if you are considering composite decking. While some of these points may be obvious, some are overlooked to achieve a desired look. These 7 key points are: 

    • Budget
    • Moisture exposure
    • Sun exposure
    • Desired appearance
    • Local building codes
  • Cost associated with extras

When you are considering these points, you should take the following five pieces of information into consideration.  Options for Composite Decking  When you are considering composite decking, the first thing you will notice is that it is a low-maintenance alternative. Over the last decade, the options for composite decking material have expanded exponentially. Now, there are over 50 different composite products on the market today.  You can choose between cellular PVC and plastic lumber. Both are installed in a similar fashion. The primary focus in choosing between the two types is determining the style, color, and brand you prefer and fitting it into your budget. You may also want to consider fastener types and the local code requirements for your area. 

What is Your Budget  Your budget may hinder the options you do have. It can reduce the choices of patterns, colors, and design variation. However, composite deck material can be an amazing choice, even if you have a limited color pallet and pattern choice available, you can still do amazing things. 

Is Your Deck in Direct Sunlight?  Just like any other material, dark colors fade in the sunlight. They also draw in a lot of heat than lighter alternatives. A great way to determine whether a dark color is right for your deck is to order samples of the colors you are considering. Place them on the site where your deck will sit. If at the end of a hot day, you can fry an egg on any of the materials, make sure to eliminate those colors. 

Is Having the Deck Fasteners Hidden Important  If you are like most people, the fasteners on your deck showing will not bother you. However, if you are one of the few people that do care, you can purchase options that allow you to use hidden fasteners. Most of the styles that support hidden fasteners are more expensive and could increase the overall material price by 30% or more. 

Do the Materials You Want Meet Local Building Codes?  When it comes to installing or replacing any material in your home or yard, you need to ensure that the materials meet your city codes. Some materials cannot be used on stairs while others require special framing if they are going to be used for this purpose. If you have any questions about codes in Texas, you can contact one of your local construction companies Texas. You can also contact your local code enforcement office to get a printout of their specific regulations.  Depending on the desired look of your deck, you may need to purchase what they call extras. This includes fasteners, deck screws, end caps, pieces for reinforcing, trim, skirt pieces, and add-ons for posts, post caps, and railings. Make sure to include these items in your planning to ensure that you can stay within your budget.