The Most Unusual Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed

oil water separators North Carolina, you are in luck. Here are a few of the most unusual items you never knew you were missing:

Selfie Toaster

For the dedicated narcissists everywhere wh can’t seem to get enough of looking at themselves, rejoice. You can now see your face on your morning toast. The selfie toaster has laser-cut grills made from your own picture.

Melting Clock

Whether you are an Edvard Munch fan or you just like interesting objects, indulge your artistic lean by decorating your home with a melting clock. While it may be challenging to tell what time it is, it will definitely be a conversation starter. You are also probably going to be the only person you know with this particular timepiece.

Thought-Controlled Headset

Are you a sci-fi buff? Geek out with a Mindwave Headset. This headset supposedly lets you control your cursor and keyboard with only the power of your mind. Caveat emptor.

Coloring Bedlinens

Do you love the calming effects of coloring? Do you like to hang out in your bed? The Doodle By Stitch Bed Set with accompanying markers may be perfect for you. Never wake up in the middle of the night trying to make yourself remember to get milk at the store again when you can just write it on your comforter.

3 Player Chess

If you are the type of person who dominates every game night and loves a new challenge, this unusual chess board is for you. A circular board allows room for the extra player with 48 pieces to be played with the standard rules. See if the circular shape throws you off.