The Three Major Forms of Art

Visual Arts Among the finest art forms for emotional expression are visual arts, which are an extension of an artist’s imagination. The artist’s expression is expressed via pencils, pens, graphite, wax shading, colored pencils, pencils, chalk, pastels, charcoal and other apparatus, depending on the art’s nature. The major visual art forms include drawing, printing such as Copenhagen Posters, sculpting, ceramics and much more. Visual arts are governed by 7 elements:

  • Shape
  • Space
  • Line
  • Form
  • Value
  • Texture
  • Color

Literature Arts

Literature arts is an exceptional self-expression channel which channels the author’s emotions, is educative and tells a fictional tale. This art form (writing style) is an imaginative, yet informative. The main character form of literature arts included play-writing, Fiction, poetry, etc. Literature arts is highly entertaining and creative as we all enjoy stories. Literature arts is popular with the audience. Literature is generally a body of written works. It also refers to any writing that is considered to be a form of art or any writing that has intellectual or artistic value. The five major literary types are:

·         Poetry

This is the oldest literary form because before writing came about people told oral stories that were told in the poetic form so that they were easier to remember. Today, poetry is written, but also recited and performed.

·         Prose

The prose is defined as written text, as long as it isn’t poetry. The most common types of prose are short stories and novels. Others are journals, diaries, non-fiction and letters. The prose is written in full sentences and divided into paragraphs. Prose concentrates on characters and plots

·         Drama

Any text is written for performance, and isn’t poetry is called a play. Students love drama and tend to grasp them fully when acted out, rather than read on paper.

·         Non-Fiction

Non-fiction is a huge category of prose that contains sub-genres. Non-fiction can include creative pieces such as a factual scientific paper or a personal essay. Genres of non-fiction include literary criticism.

·         Media

Media is the newest form of art, defined as a distinct type of art. This genre included in the genre to incorporate technology. Media includes Films and Movies, commercials, websites, billboards, radio programs.

Other Types of Literature

There are a few other types of literature such as:

  • Oral literature
  • Folktales/ folklore/fables
  • Graphic comic books and novels

Performing Arts

The performing arts are among the most popular and expressive arts in the world, and require skills or arts that need a performance in front of an audience. Performing arts include music, theater, dance, drama and others. The main purpose of the performing arts is for entertaining an audience using movements such as music or dance. Other forms include theater, illusion or magic performances, opera, public speaking, recitation and spoken word. Performing arts have to use their voices or bodies to express the artistic content to the audience.


Art in its immense diversity is divided into many sub-categories, but the major ones being visual, literature and performing arts. Each of these categories has a unique way of conveying its intended message to the audience. Visual arts might be confused for performing arts. The concept is the same, but the method of conveyance is different. Performing artists express the artist’s message via their voices or bodies, while visual arts involve the creation of art by using hands. All in all, art is expressed differently, but as long as the artistic message gets across, it is still considered as art.