Three Effective Ways to Stop Pests From Living in Your Home

Utah, basement finishing is still essential to prevent the deterioration of such storage areas. Removing sources of attraction Just like people themselves, vermin want to get inside homes for two main reasons: food and shelter. While you can’t totally do away with those two features and still call it a home, every homeowner can take steps to properly store food and water, making the indoor environment a less attractive place for pests.

Establishments working in the food industry have specific measures for food safety which allow them to handle food and drink with minimal risk of pest damage. Any sort of food – from produce to dry ingredients and late-night snacks – must be stored in tightly sealed containers kept at least six inches clear of the floor, or else promptly disposed of. Trash cans should be covered with a tight lid and regularly taken out to avoid accumulation of food waste; the cans also need to be washed with bleach every month or two to remove odors which can also attract pests.

Finally, leaks can create pools of standing water where insects could breed; fixing the issue prevents infestation as well as property damage in general. Staying clean and organized Hemingway loved his clean and well-lighted places; pests prefer the opposite. Clutter around the house provides them with a source of cover, and many hiding places make messy homes more inviting to various pest species. In addition to tidying up, thorough and regular cleaning removes stray food particles and scraps of organic matter in everything – from utensils and appliances to sheets, covers, and carpets.

The outside of the home shouldn’t be exempt from this practice, either; it makes little sense to prevent wasps from nesting in your attic when they can find a good place for a hive in the unkempt yard outside. The thought of pests invading our homes is never pleasant, but with these best practices you can reduce the threat while also making any home a more comfortable place to live in.