Tree removal services in Houston

moved into our first home that was completely ours. It was a beautiful ranch style home and we just loved it. It was light blue in color and had the room we needed for work and the possibility of starting a family. My wife had her own office and I had my own man cave. It was great and we both loved it. Outside we had a small pool and a huge oak tree that stood tall in front of our lawn, reaching out over the driveway.

My wife was always concerned that the tree could fall over if pushed too hard. Having an oak tree in front of the home that I had grown up as a boy, made me aware of how strong they were. We had one till the day we moved and it stood the test of time for the thirteen years I had lived there. So, as you can imagine, my confidence in oak was pretty sturdy and I shook off her concerns. The thing is, looking back after what I’m about to tell you, that old oak tree was not as big as I remember it.

This would end up costing me a lot of money and my pride with the wife. Fast forwarding to about three years later, a nasty storm came rolling through while I was out of town on business. The winds and rains got so severe that it weighed down the large branch that over hanged the drive way. Causing it to give out on top of my wife’s car and my truck.  Almost completely caving in my cab. I received a call at three in the morning from my frantic wife about what had just happened. She told me everything that had happened. Alongside with it, she said that she told me this will happen, which is something no husband ever wants to hear. It was devastating and heart breaking to see my truck completely messed up.

Luckily we had insurance and it covered all the damages, but now have higher premiums. Something I would still hear about to this day. Considering what had just happened, I knew that there was something that had to be done, in order to prevent this from happening again. There were a few larger branches that stretched close to our home, and there was no way I was having this repeat over the place we live. We decided it would be best to have the tree completely removed by finding a company that specialized in tree removal in Houston. If you have a tree that is dangerously close to your home, you should consider getting it removed. Or make sure to have enough insurance to cover the damages.