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Understanding Differences Between All Types of Industrial Evaporative Coolers

Choosing the right Industrial evaporative cooler for your workplace can be a tough nut to crack. We all are aware of the fact that evaporative cooling system is a better choice for many reasons. Not only is it more environmentally healthy, it’s also much more affordable. Both in terms of price per unit and operation cost. Yes, evaporative cooling system indeed costs 50-percent less than its traditional air conditioning system. Interested in learning your options? Keep reading to find out.


Little do many of us know, there are quite a few types of industrial evaporative cooler on the market. One of them may be more suitable for your warehouse or other workplace. Finding the right one for your needs can be a challenge. More so when there are a myriad of options on the market. But when you know the differences, it will be easier for you to determine which one is suitable for your working environment. Keep reading to find out.


Portable Evaporative Coolers


Also referred to as ‘portable air coolers,’ this type of cooler is considered as one of the most applicable alternative due to its design. Commercial areas such as auto garages and warehouses typically use this type of cooling system. That does not necessarily mean that the cooler is intended for indoor use only, however. Truth of the matter is, evaporative cooling system can be used outdoor as well.

With numeours size options that may go up to 13,000m3/h, outdoor areas such as patios can also benefit from this cooler. See the following section to learn about the advantages offered by portable evaporative cooling system:


·                     It does not require installation.

·                     It comes with a compact size and thus, portable.

·                     It’s incredibly cost effective, with 8-hour of usage, the cooling system cuts down operation cost of about 50-percent!


Although it all seems so good in nature, there are quite a few disadvantages as well. For this evaporative cooling system, the disadvantage lies in the fact that it requires quite a natural ventilation and humidity in order to properly and optimally.


External Evaporative Coolers


Typically only built for use in huge industrial or commercial settings, the External Evaporative Coolers work by displacing the warm air to the outside. This industrial air  cooler generally include wall-mounted or window air cooler, down discharge air cooler, and also slide discharge air cooler. Due its customized size, the air supply that the aforementioned air coolers get to supply may go up to about 30,000 m3/h per unit. If these coolers are well-suited to your work environment, see the advantages below.


·                     These coolers provide an incredibly cost-effective operation.

·                     They have the ability to cover larger area, thus more ideal than portable mobile air coolers.

·                     Cools air from the outside which is typically lower in temperatures compared to indoor air.


Are you wondering whether external evaporative coolers are a better option compared to portable ones? See the side by side comparison below:


·                     In larger work environment, there is no doubt that external evaporative coolers are more efficient due to its customized setting.

·                     The fact that the fans are situated outside the building shows that external coolers are typically more quiet compared to portable ones.

·                     The cooler found in external coolers come with a permanent water supply connection, making it work more effectively.

·                     Last but not least, the operation of external evaporative coolers is generally less intrusive as it’s installed on the outside.


Three-way mounted extend evaporative coolers


When it comes to this type of coolers, air direction will determine which one is an ideal option for you. To understand how it works, you may see the how the evaporative coolers face the air outlet. See the following explanation to help distinguish the differences.


·                     Wall-mounted or window evaporative coolers

This type of evaporative cooling system is installed either on the window, or mounted on the wall similar to the traditional air conditioning system. Due to its location, this type of external coolers have the ability to cool the entire working space.

·                     Down-discharge evaporative air coolers

The fact that it is located on the roof shows that this particular type of evaporative cooling system releases cooled, fresh air downwards. The air outlet positioning directly descend into target building, making it capable of cooling the entire working space altogether.

·                     Slide-discharge air coolers

This particular evaporative cooling systems are typically placed right on the side of a building as well as the roof. The coolers cool entire workspace by using an elbow in order to beat the wind. Once the winds are trapped, it will then send them into a current through an opening situated on the top of the building.


Have you figured out which one of these evaporative coolers would suit your work settings? While knowing the types of cooler certainly help, there are indeed quite a few consideration to keep in mind. See the comprehensive list on how to choose the best Industrial cooler by following the link.