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A Homeowners Guide To Different Front Door Styles

entry doors raleigh nc have a multitude of styles at their disposal. But when it comes to time to choose a front door you should consider all of the major factors that can make one better suited for your particular home. Those factors can include things like the architectural style of the home, the neighborhood in which you reside, and increased energy efficiency that new doors offer. A front door is the first thing people see when they come to visit, since that’s usually the entry way they will use to enter the property. Therefore, you want something that will make a positive impression from the very start. We’re talking about giving your home that kind of curb appeal that makes people take notice as they arrive, whether you’re living there or planning on putting the home on the market some time in the future.

Door Styles

Finding the right front door for the home is one of the most important choices you will need to make and some of the most popular styles available can give your home that unique flair you’re looking for. Your styles will run from the modern to the traditional and for those older homes that have a certain specific architectural design, you can find door companies that will make you a custom door to match your home’s design style. But you also want to make sure your entry door offers security and energy efficiency as well.

Traditional Doors

These are the most common doors, recognizable by their raised panels, which can range in number. You might even find glass inserts in these types of doors. They are often constructed from wood, steel, and fiberglass, offering safety and security with the right amount of energy efficiency.

Rustic Doors

You’ll find these on homes that offer a rustic appearance with a heavy use of wood, stone, and brick in the design and construction of the house. These doors will usually be made of wood and while there are glass inserts often found in them, you may typically associate these doors with farmhouses and cabins tucked away in the woods.

Modern Doors

These might come with block or square style raised panels or frosted glass panes. But there isn’t much more you’re going to find on modern style doors as they are usually known for being minimalist with a streamlined aesthetic. Even the hardware is minimalist and subtle, but with severity of line throughout.

Craftsman Doors

When you see a Craftsman style door, you recognize it immediately. These have straight lines and they are more likely to have some kind of glass insert either installed at the top or two to three near the bottom of the door. These are good doors to choose when you want a greater view of the environment outside your home.

Arched Doors

The thing about arched doors is that it’s a style that can be part and parcel of other styles such as traditional, Craftsman, even rustic. They are recognizable by their specific curvature of shape and they can be a gorgeous complement to most architectural home designs.