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Have A Clutter-Free Kitchen With The Help Of These Tips

If you’re on the quest of becoming the best cook, then let us tell you that it’s going to be a path full of twists and turns in a messy kitchen. Pans and pots keep increasing in number, various appliances keep taking up all the space on your counter and utensils tend to overspill from those packed drawers – yes, this is how it is when in a kitchen!

When it comes to kitchen, space surely has a bigger role to play – you see, even professional chefs require a big area to cook in without the need to scrabble around in the clutter.

Speaking of kitchens and clutter, in this article we’ve put together a list of storage tips that will not only help you make more space in your kitchen, but also let you cook in complete peace!

Keep your dainty items safe

If your glassware is taking up majority of the available space in your wall cabinet, then it’s high time that you get them shifted elsewhere – ensure that you’re firstly storing them in durable heavy duty plastic boxes to avoid them from breaking into pieces!

You could even make use of sturdy packing papers or bubble wraps to keep them safe when on the move and when stowed away.

If you’ve got silverware at home, then you need to bear in mind that they tend to tarnish over a specific period of time. So, better cover them using newspaper before placing them in your storage units to ensure they keep gleaming well after several months.

Nest your pans, bowls and pots

Making a nest of all your pans and pots is by far the best way to make space available in your kitchen. Well, you could even nest the bowls into one another, to create even more space for your new cutleries.

Since pans and pots come in various shapes and sizes, it’s a little difficult to get them packed. Nonetheless, nesting them together is the only method to get them into a storage box when placing them in your unit.

Use plastic bins for smaller appliances

For those who feel that it isn’t possible to have a lot of appliances have never had or been in a smaller kitchen. Before moving your items in the storage unit, do cover them up using plastic bins that come along with lids.

As these storage boxes are easy to pile up, sturdy and let you identify what’s kept in it without having the need to open it, it’s considered as an ideal storing option. Besides, they’re cost-effective and come in various sizes letting your store small appliances and other utensils without any trouble!

Always go up and away

Kitchen items can always be found easily and within your reach when they’re hung on S-shaped hooks placed on a rod above your cooktop. There’s no need for you to put in all of your money in purchasing costly storage units, simply go for a dowel, tension rod or towel rack which you can mount near your preparation area with complete ease.

“Steel” the deal

Place utensils that are sharp in stainless-steel boxes and then mount them any one side of your island or counter. In this way, it will be way easier for you to spot them whenever required.

Also, it is better that you stow the box in some cabinet that’s placed far up on the wall to keep it away from the hands of small kids.

Rack it up

If you want your saute pans, lids and shallow frying pans to be within your arm’s length instead of having to pile them up in a clumsy stack, fix a wire rack inside your drawers and stow them there. However, you could rest your bigger pots and pans nearby.


No matter whether you want to master your cooking skills in your very own kitchen or want to take it up as a career, nothing can beat having enough space wherein you can cook your way to success without having to fumble around.

Always stow those less-used kitchen utensils away in proper storage units and have only those items that you require the most on your island, and keep your kitchen free of clutter for you to cook freely!