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Home Repair: Your Spring Maintenance Checklist

Harsh winter weather can leave any home in need of repairs. From ice damage on the gutters to cracks in the driveway, you might be noticing some of the effects of seasonal storms. So, before you can focus on gardening projects and outdoor entertaining this spring, it’s important to make essential home improvements. 

Not sure where to start? This guide will provide some of the most common spring maintenance projects that homeowners focus on. While each homeowner will have different needs, these are some of the features that may need inspection, repair, or replacement this season. Once the snow starts to thaw, you can tackle your to-do list and make your home springtime-ready. 

Tree Trimming

You may have not been paying much attention to your yard’s trees during the winter, but harsh weather may have left them damaged. Once spring arrives, take an afternoon to trim and prune your trees. Remove any splintered branches and ensure that the trunk looks healthy. You should also trim any shrubs or bushes around the yard. By doing so, you can allow new leaves to grow throughout the spring. 

Gutter Repair

High quality gutters will allow for proper drainage once the snow melts and spring rains start. Since ice and wind can crack your home’s gutters or cause them to sag, perform a thorough inspection. If you notice any damage, be sure to call a professional. You should also clear the gutters of twigs, leaves, and other debris. Check the downspouts for any blockages to complete the inspection.

Roof Inspection

Just as winter weather can damage your gutters, ice and snow can also harm your roof. Take note of any missing or buckled shingles. Even if you only notice small issues, call a roofing professional. They will take closer look at the roof and determine whether there are any larger structural issues. Addressing these issues now can prevent any damage or roof leaks during the spring and summer. 

HVAC Repair

As the temperatures rise this year, you will eventually turn on your air conditioning. This is why spring is the time to ensure that your HVAC systems are working properly. Run a test early in the season to ensure that your air conditioning unit and thermostat are running without any issues. You should also change the filters to increase air quality. If you notice any strange sounds or the system isn’t cooling the house effectively, contact a professional for HVAC repair

Concrete Sealing

You want your home’s exterior to look impressive this season, boosting curb appeal and impressing guests. However, winter weather can damage your driveway and sidewalk. As ice melts and freezes inside concrete cracks, the cracks expand. Once you are sure that freezing temperatures are behind you, schedule professional driveway and concrete sealing. 

Window Replacement

If your windows felt drafty this winter, it might be time for a replacement. By replacing the windows during the spring, you can seal in air conditioning during the summer and lower your energy bills. You should also check window screens for holes and tears. This can also be a great time to invest in door replacement. With quality windows and doors, you can improve your home’s energy efficiency for years to come. A window and door professional can recommend the best products for your local climate. 

Remember: Every homeowner will have a different list of projects to tackle this spring. Tackle the higher priority projects fist, such as cleaning the gutters and scheduling roof repair. By getting these done at the beginning of the season, you won’t be rushing once warm weather arrives. You will be enjoying outdoor barbecues, family parties, and afternoons in your garden in no time at all.