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What You Didn’t Know About The 4ft Led Tube Light


  • High light quality
  • No need to rewire the fixture
  • Preserves the aesthetics and optical output of the lighting fixture
  • DLC approved
  • No traces of mercury or lead
  • 100% compatibility with T12 fixtures
  • Color uniformity- binned diodes
  • 99% compatibility with T8 ballast
As one of a hybrid model, a 4ft led tube is compatible with direct voltage and just any electronic ballast. If you want a replacement for your ballast, all you have to do is take it off the DC input and retain the tubes. With the existing ballast, you can install the tube in play or plug mode. If it fails, try the bypass mode and take advantage of the existing ballast so you don’t incur extra costs. You can choose from a number of color temperatures ranging from 3000K to 6500K. Installation This process should be conducted by trained personnel. Caution: If you are dealing with a high voltage situation, take the necessary precautions to ensure reliability and safety. Test the circuit first to ensure that the power is disconnected. If you are not familiar with electrical installations, consult a legitimate electrician.
  1. Determine the wiring configuration of the lighting fixture and turn off the power at the circuit breaker
  2. For Type C instant start ballast, remove the single wire socket (G13) in each tube from where the neutral wires meet the fixture
  3. With regards to the type of fixture, insert G13 sockets- standard or low profile- into the opening of the fixture and ensure that they have snapped tightly
  4. Check the neutral (N) and live (L) terminals of the new LED tubes. Before the wiring configuration, ensure that the wires going into the G13 socket are aligned appropriately i.e. the neutral wire connects to N pin and Livewire connects to L pin
  5. When disconnecting the wiring, including the ballast and starter, roll up the unused wires or nut them so they can stay out of the way
Once you are done with wiring, one of the sides should be the AC input and the other should have no power. Always remember that you can take out or leave the ballast inside the fixture. There you have your new LED installed. Go ahead and enjoy a lit-up world.]]>