5 Must-haves for a Low-Cost Small Bathroom Update

home needing a remodel, you must know that you can plan and stick to a restrained budget. Don’t let the small space and the minimal budget daunt you. You can turn this area in your home into a roomier and fresher-looking bathroom that you can be proud of. Here are the 5 easy and inexpensive updates you can do to a small bathroom today.

1.       Give it a Nice Paint Job

A new and fresh layer of paint gives the bathroom walls an instant makeover. Repainting is also a great start to setting the mood and theme of your bathroom. Also, it’s a great way to change the look of your bathroom without spending for new tiles. Paint costs significantly lesser than tiles. Plus, if you have the skills and patience, you can do the job yourself and save some money from the potential labor costs.

2.       Work with a Theme or Color Scheme

Your new paint color will set the tone for the rest of the updates, so make sure to pick other items that will complement the bathroom’s new look. Choose linen, picture frames and artwork following this new color scheme. If possible, match or get a color close to your bathroom cabinets as well. Color coordination will make the small bathroom seem larger and less cluttered.

3.       Install Cost-effective Fixtures

Look around your tiny bathroom and check the condition of the fixtures. Perhaps the light bulbs have become dirty and hazy, giving off a creepy sort of illumination. If this is the case, switch to LED bulbs. Also, consider getting a BidetGenius toilet seat to attach to your existing toilet and give the bathroom an instant flair of modernity and elegance. Also consider changing out the shower curtains, faucet and mirror if you find them dated and boring.

4.        Storage

Another aspect you want to look into upgrading in your small bathroom is storage. You can paint the existing cabinets with paint matching the new color scheme. But if the cabinets have nasty wear and tear and are beyond salvation, consider cheaper replacements like shelves and baskets to hold your products. If kids are using this bathroom as well, make sure to install the new storage at a height they can reach.

5.       Sliding Door

You probably haven’t thought of replacing the bathroom door before, but consider this: the bathroom takes up even more space with the door closing towards the inside, so why not change it? A wooden sliding door can take up less space and basically just as easy to operate. Find one that’s already primed and painted and save yourself the trouble from doing this job.


Instead of knocking down an entire wall which would cost you a couple of thousand dollars for a small bathroom, small updates like these can give the bathroom a new look almost in an instant. These remodels are simple and straightforward, relatively inexpensive, but they can give your bathroom a unique impact.