5 Things Everyone Who Lives in Pittsburgh is Passionate About

Every town seems to think it is the best, but those in Pittsburgh know this isn’t true. Why? Because Pittsburgh is the best. Pittsburgh is like every other big city – except it is better. People in Pittsburgh are crazy passionate about their town and all the things they believe make their town better than yours. Here, I’ll prove it.

  1. Sports

Everyone knows that Pittsburgh Steelers fans are more fanatic than all the other fans combined. If you live in Pittsburgh and are not sporting your black and gold attire, you may be run out of town. If you are moving to Pittsburgh, you better go shopping for Steelers gear right away.

  1. Beer

Some people like beer, but people in Pittsburgh love beer. And why shouldn’t they? Pittsburgh is home to over thirty breweries. You will spend many hours sampling brews from the various breweries around town. And, trust me, they will all claim to the very best.

  1. Ketchup

If your town was where the amazing product known as Heinz Ketchup was made, then you’d know why this is important. The Steel City gets to claim this life-changing condiment to the list of reasons why Pittsburgh is the best. And, I don’t suggest trying to bring any other brand of ketchup to a meetup with your Pittsburgh friends.

  1. Mister Rogers

The legacy of Mister Rogers and the fantastic neighborhood he created on television is a tremendous source of pride for those in Pittsburgh because Mister Rogers was one of our own! We still honor the man who changed children’s television for the better through murals and a museum collection dedicated to his life and work.

  1. Faith

Finally, Pittsburgh is religiously diverse. While Catholic churches are predominant in the area, you will find various faith groups well represented across town. And, we take it seriously.

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