6 Ways to Make Your Cozy Bedroom Look More Spacious

Having or relocating to a smaller bedroom isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, in the world of design, a smaller space is considered more of an opportunity. With less space to work with, every square meter of bedroom real estate becomes much more precious, forcing you to be both practical and creative in the use of space. Also, smaller spaces are comparatively easier to manage, plan, and survey.

First Things First: Declutter Get rid of anything you don’t really need anymore. The less stuff you have in the bedroom, the easier it’ll be to make it look bigger than it actually is. If you’re a hoarder or at least have the potential to become one, simply decluttering your bedroom can be a gargantuan task, not just physically but also mentally and emotionally. This can be a draining effort. But there are ways to make this daunting task easier as well as more organized. For instance, one of the simplest ways to do this is to divide everything in your room into three categories: Keep, Maybe, and Trash.

Keep is for everything that you’re 200% sure you still want and/or need to be in the bedroom. It’s important to note that however you categorize everything, you should also take into account the space that the object is occupying. For instance, your bed, or at least the place where there should be a bed, is definitely in this category. Maybe is for the stuff that you’re not yet sure about keeping.

For the purposes of decluttering, everything that you don’t absolutely need can start in this category. If, at a glance, the object’s placement in your bedroom seems unnecessary, it’s a maybe. Trash is the first category that you should be worried about. Decluttering any type of space begins with taking out the trash so you can better decide how to categorize everything else. Following this simple system of removing clutter and organizing your bedroom is a good way to start opening up the space to new and beautiful possibilities.

Follow a Light and Monochromatic Color Scheme Coordinate the major colors in your bedroom; this allows the entire space to visually work as a single unit, creating the illusion of a bigger space. So as much as possible, use the same color on your walls or pair one color with a neutral tone like white or gray. Don’t just use any color either. Light and gentle colors are best used for the purposes of creating the illusion of wider space. Darker colors tend to absorb light instead of reflecting it. Meanwhile, bright colors, while they reflect light, also have the tendency to be visually stimulating – not really advisable for bedrooms. So pick light colors like blue, light pink, or a pastel shade of light green: something that gently reflects light while still being appropriate for a sleep-conducive environment.

Don’t stop color-coordinating at the walls: use the other major elements of your bedroom for a more fluid look. This doesn’t mean that you should use all-blue bed sheets in a blue bedroom (although there are ways to make that look work). You can also just take the color of your bedroom walls and use it sparingly across the room. This is the time to get creative. The better you coordinate the colors in your bedroom, the more it will look like a single unit that’s a little more spacious than it actually is.

Paint the Ceiling Darker to Draw the Eye Up If you’re itching to do something with that leftover dark-colored paint you got in the garage, use it on the ceiling. This is a simple visual trick that draws the eye upwards, and it can create the illusion that the ceiling is higher. Other than dark colors, you can also use bold or striking patterns on the ceiling to achieve the same effect. A good way to enhance this effect is by painting the trimmings on your ceiling with a slightly lighter color than the walls. It can be white, gray, or the same color as the walls but with a lighter shade. It’s a bit of extra work, but it gives the walls some depth, which not only contributes to drawing your vision upwards, but also to the illusion of greater space.

Keep Things Low In a limited space, it pays to have less extravagant furniture that doesn’t reach for the ceiling. Limiting your choices to lowered headboards and small to medium-height chairs gives the bedroom a lot of visual breathing space. You can still have high shelves, floor lamps, and other tall furniture, but for the purposes of maximizing limited space, it’s best to keep tall objects very near the walls. The more space you can free up between the floor and the ceiling, the bigger your limited space will look. Consider Creative Storage Options Visible clutter is a big part of achieving the illusion of greater space. The less random objects are visible, the bigger the room looks. If you’ve already gone through the process of decluttering but still have a ton of stuff that you need to organize, it’s time to think of adopting new storage solutions. Get wheeled storage boxes to store essentials under your bed. Bonus points if you get dust and weather-proof ones that can safely store electronics, camera equipment, and other sensitive items. Install more shelves on your walls. But be careful not to create more visual clutter when using your shelves. This type of visible storage is best for organized books, art, paint brushes, pens and pencils, or anything that can add to the decor, even a stylized storage box for keeping files, makeup, or other essentials.

Keep the Middle of Your Walls Free Imagine that your walls are divided into three: top, middle, and bottom. All or most of the middle part of your walls should be free of any decor or shelving. Shelves are best kept at the top part of the walls. Art and other decorations that hang on the wall are best kept at the bottom third. Keep the middle section empty as much as possible. This simple strategy creates the effect that the room is taller than it actually is.

BONUS: Keep Your Bedroom Clean at All Times One underestimated trick for making any space feel roomier is simply keeping it clean. A 100% clean bedroom means that each and every square inch of space is accounted for. Clean as you go; don’t allow any piles of trash, clothes, or random stuff to form, grow, and take up valuable bedroom real estate.

Keep your bed and mattress clean by changing your bed sheets at least once a week to ensure that your bed itself is a sleep-conducive environment. Immediately clean up any type of mess as soon as possible. Creating the illusion of space in the bedroom is one thing; keeping it that way is entirely another. Commit to the changes you make to your bedroom and you can enjoy a ‘roomier’ space for years to come.