Black & Decker – The Pioneers in Kitchen Appliances

History of Black and Decker

It is an American Manufacturer corporation which is known for its home appliances, hardware, accessories, and technology fastening systems. Black and Decker’s headquarter is situated in Towson, Maryland.

The corporation was founded back in March 2010, by S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker. It was just a small machine shop in Baltimore in the start. According to blackanddeckertoasteroven.com, their first invention was a then familiar the portable electric drill machine that contained hand drill with a pistol grip and trigger switch. They have been using their logo which was representing a hexagonal nut, from the start to 2014 as a universal fastener.

The Journey goes on and on with the time being and now they are one of the leading manufacturers in home appliances, sanitary tools, hardware and other industrial equipment. In 2010, they merged with Stanley Works and now it is known as Stanley Black & Decker and afterward, in the start of 2017, they also purchase Craftsman from Sears.

Black and Decker Kitchen Appliances

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