Can House Ants Harm You?

season at home. There are innumerable species of ants, however two or three kinds of house ants creates nuisance in the premises and also, they are harmful for those living in the house.

A short note on the house ants:

The ants create colonies and are mainly present in the place where food is kept like in the kitchen. Even in bathrooms and outer premises of your house like portico, you are likely to find them as they are cool and shady place. People living at home aren’t bothered about ants till the ants invade their pantry and find their way to a place where the food leftovers are present. Once the food is infested by the ants, you cannot eat it.

There are several reasons why ants have infested your home and some of them are mentioned below –

  • In search of food – As they live in large numbers, they need food constantly. Hence, they thrive on food crumbs, leftover food in sinks and in many places where they can reach the food particles.
  • Ants don’t live at home, but they live outside – It is the duty of some class of ants to bring food. Thus, they come lined up to transport the food material. They can even carry the dead insects found in the corners and gaps in the walls of your home.

Pavement ants are the most commonly seen ants. The black tiny ants come in search of food and if they get it, they indicate the other ants to help them carry the tiny food particles. These ants are usually not harmful. However, eating the food infested by them isn’t healthy.

Sugar ants are more attracted towards sweets. They are known by many names, the most common one is odorous house ants. They are named as odorous ants because when it is crushed, you get a pine odor. They can penetrate the sweet boxes without any problem.

Wood destroyer or Carpenter ant is not at all welcomed as they have the tendency to destroy your furniture.

Are these ants harmful?

Some may be harmful as they cause bacterial infections like Staphylococcus. If you eat the infested food, you may suffer from salmonella. They are dangerous for a person who are allergic. The bite of fire ants can sting and be painful for several minutes. People having soft skin will experience swelling on the bitten parts. The allergic reaction can be a rash or becomes a wound. The part is itchy, turns reddish and sometimes you need to apply antiseptic lotion to heal the bitten part. The level of harm depends upon the kind of ant, its venom and the person’s general health who was bitten. Unfortunately, it can be stated that they are dangerous.

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