Classic Ring Chandelier for the Best Visual Comfort

ring chandelier is the best option. These light fixtures give a rustic lodge style look to your home or any commercial place. The ring chandeliers uses hoops or rings made of metal to support the lamps, candles or arms. Most common motifs of such chandeliers are animal horns, branches, distressed materials and plants. These were very popular about 20 years ago, and are still most opted for fixtures to light up large places. In this post, we have tried to answer a few of the questions that most of you have in your mind, while choosing the right ring chandelier for your home. What I must look for while searching an ideal chandelier? Basically, consider following three factors for:

  • Diameter
  • Control (dimming)
  • Direction of your light output

Use following thumb rule to decide the size:

  1. Measure the room’s length and width in feet
  2. Add these numbers
  3. The above number is chandelier’s diameter in inches.

For modern look which lighting trends should be focused?

  1. Try to focus on chrome or satin nickel finish
  2. Bronze finish goes well for both traditional and contemporary style
  3. Make sure that clean lines should have minimal ornate decoration
  4. Material and chandelier finish must complement with finish of the surrounding items.

What should be the size of chandelier for my dining room?

  1. Diameter of chandelier must be 50 to 67% of dining table width.
  2. Average diameter of fixture is usually 26 to 30” with 4 to 6 lights.
  3. Chandelier must hang almost 30-36” from above your table to bottom of fixture

Is there any chandelier which use modern LED technology? Yes, the contemporary lighting designers as well as manufacturers are bringing out few incredible new types of LED chandeliers almost every day. There are so many improvements in LED technology that often it is difficult to tell difference between present LED fixture and the traditional incandescent one. Can I dim the light if I buy LED chandelier? When they are paired with compatible low voltage dimmer, then many LED chandeliers can be fully dimmed but not all kind of LED chandelier can be dimmable, hence before purchasing you need to ask. Also, check each of the individual fixture and their specifications. After that refer to recommendation of the manufacturer for compatible dimmers. All dimmers may not work with all types of fixtures.