Windows add to the overall perfection of your house. But the beautiful frames and mesmerizing glass ends up with nothing if sills and the frames of windows are dirty, if screen seems dusty and grimy like spotty, smeared glass. So cleanliness stands on equal footing to the overall look of the house. Most famous proverb says it all as

First of all start cleaning your windows on a cloudy day. During sun days direct sunlight will dry the cleaner too early which leaves irritating streaks behind on the glass. Further you need to consider certain weapons to go into this task of cleaning your windows.

You need to make a solution at home first then window cleaner, wiping towels. If it is some difficulty you can choose paper towel or newspaper for wiping purpose, remoistened wipes and a microfiber cloth would do your whole job of cleaning your windows.


Tilted windows always prove havoc when it comes of cleaning them. As washing both sides is what hard to achieve. Spray the inside of the tilted window first with the cleaner.

Wipe it until dry now is the turn of the other way. Repeat the procedure but one thing you must keep in mind is that wipe both the sides in opposite directions so that streaks may appear obvious and so become easy to zap.


For double hung windows in which no side slides in sliding the bottom pane up approximately 8 inches and then clean it as cleaning procedure demands. This is the same which is to be done with the other pane but with sliding the top panel downward.


If one leaves the windows un attended for a year or more all that dried-on dirt particles attack you when you wish to open your tulsa windows in case you need a little bit of ventilation.

This dried dirt is easy to get rid off.  Just give them a blow with your vacuum cleaner. Its dusting-brush attachment draws all dirt in on the side it faces. Follow this procedure from top to bottom to get speedy output.

 Cleaning the dirt before cleaning the glass also minimize the risk later coming your way as dirt particles can stick to your wiping towels if not swept before. This smears your glass. You need to take care to remove all the drapes and then get your windows opened to do cleaning.