Common Spiders in Utah

spiders in Utah, which are famous to be most general and dangerous. These species include Brown Recluse, Black Window, Hobo Spiders, Yellow Sac, Wolf spider, and the Huntsman Spider.

Anyway, there are a few that any person who is planning on spending time outdoors in Utah should be alert.

Black widow spider

The black widow spider can be found all area of North America. This species is a amazingly common one amongst other spiders in Utah. When the female black widow spider matures, it specs a shiny and black coat, with a unique red hourglass mark along the bottom of the abdomen. It is at this stage where female black widow spiders get their full signature look. Before maturity, black window can appear duller, or lighter in color. Male black widow spiders may lack the red signature marking.

Hobo Spiders

Hobo spiders are general in Utah, in addition to the Pacific Northwestern America. The Hobo spider is largely known as one of the hardest spiders to identify. That said, there are some special features to this spider, which we will add. This spider has an abdomen with V-shaped pattern, with the chevron pointing towards the head. Hobo spiders also have a light strip which runs down the center of their chest. Hobo spiders are generally light tan to light brown in shade, but can also be darker brown.

Cobweb spiders

Cobweb spiders are one of the most general families of spiders in North America, with well over two hundred difference species living here. Cobweb spiders generally have chaotic and messy webs that are designed to effectively catch more little insects. Of all cobweb spiders, the most serious that we have in Utah is definitely the black window. A female black window can produce 4 to 9 egg sacs every summer, with hundred and four hundred eggs in each those sacs. A black window bite is surprisingly venomous, and can even be lethal to little humans.

Jumping spider

The Jumping spider in Utah is a harmless pretty fellow and if you look closely at him, his huge eyes seem a pretty endearing. As its name describe, the most awkward thing about this spider is its jumping expertise.  Female wolf spiders carry their egg sacs by linking them to their spinnerets.

Camel spiders

Hairy, big, and scary looking is top way to describe the properties of the Camel spider. Camel spiders can reach up to six inches in length, and weight about two ounces. These spiders have adapted well to desert living, making it the best habitat for these spiders in Utah due to their special way of breathing, these spiders can run up to ten miles per hour.

Wolf spiders

The wolf spiders looks like a little tarantula but is rather fast.  It runs extremely quick and they are known to bite humans if you come too close. While their bite is not toxic,  it can be painful and take a long time to heal. Their fangs are rather big so when bitten, their fang marks are present on the skin.