Does Staging A Home Really Work?

  • I have a small lawn but I did not have a hedge on the periphery, my agent advised me to get a hedge and I got it done and it improve the look considerably.
  • The driveway was neat but just a few potted plants made the driveway great.
  • The external walls were recently painted so the agent asked me to get the main door repainted which I did.
  • The living room was cluttered. It had a lot of photographs, a lot of mementoes, furniture etc. The real estate agent immediately asked me to find storage units near me and move the things there. Though I was apprehensive he told me that storage units are safe and my things would be safe there. I found that my things were indeed safe when I went to retrieve them after the sale.
  • The drapes were also removed so that air and light could easily pass through. More light and less furniture made the room look larger and spacious.
  • The kitchen was particularly looked at with special care. All the appliances were checked by the agent and he asked me to remove a few and get them changed. He asked me to get the oven serviced and the faucet changed.
  • The bathroom was fine according the agent. He just asked me to get a couple of tiles changed and this was done.
  • The bedroom was fine and no changes were done.
  • The whole house was repainted in nice pastel colours.
  • All the above changes obviously worked.