Easy Ways to Update Your Pool Area

outdoor pool area is a cost-effective option that is sure to satisfy your cravings. Whether your swimming pool is outdated or you just haven’t had the opportunity to customize it to your liking, you can dramatically change the style and look of your pool without forking over your entire savings for a full-scale renovation.

In addition to satisfying your unique design tastes, updating your outdoor oasis can actually save you dollars down the road thanks to new energy-efficient technology. Here are several pool renovation ideas for homeowners aiming to upgrade the visual appeal and functionality of their pool with a minimal investment.
Breathtaking Water Features
Sprayers, waterfalls, or scuppers are fairly simple to install and are a great way to add a touch of elegance to your pool. A lackluster swimming area can enjoy a simple makeover by incorporating a water feature that adds an enticing new level of sound and motion to your space. Keep in mind that fitting your pool with a new water feature may lead to increased electricity consumption, raising your monthly maintenance costs.
Resurfacing Your Pool
While resurfacing is certainly not inexpensive, it can be a great use of your budget. By going this route, you can proactively avoid any costly damages that could crop up due to an old, weathered surface, while also enhancing the overall appearance of your outdoor space. For example, if your pool is currently sporting a plain plaster finish, resurfacing is the perfect way to infuse your pool with a more modern style. Many pool owners like to get creative with a collection of finishes that show off a diverse color palette and include stylish touches like stones.
Vibrant LED Lights
By upgrading your pool with LED lights, you not only reap the benefits of energy-efficient lighting, but you’ll also transform your space into a colorful, attractive oasis. LED lighting is available in a wide variety of colors and can be placed throughout your backyard pool area, including below the water. LED lights are an inexpensive way to add a trendy style your swimming pool.
Salt Water Systems
In recent years, many pool owners have decided to use a salt water system rather than the traditional methods to chlorinate their pool. Not only do saltwater pools offer a gentler alternative when it comes to your skin and eyes, but they save you the inconvenience of buying and handling chlorine. What really makes switching to a salt water system an economical upgrade is its low-cost maintenance needs.

Energy Efficient Tech
If you’re someone that errs on the side of practicality, then installing a water feature that reduces operational expenses is definitely an option you’ll want to consider. From energy efficient filters to solar-powered lights and heaters, this type of tech has become increasingly popular over the years. Energy efficient equipment, like a variable speed pump, reduces electricity use, lowering your monthly costs while also being environmentally friendly. Depending on where you live, you may be eligible for a rebate, so don’t forget to do your research if you decide to go this route.
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