Getting your refrigerator fixed is not a hassle! Your search stops now at UrbanClap

Samsung refrigerator for our flat in BTM Bangalore. After a few weeks of smooth running, our refrigerator stopped cooling altogether. In a hurry, we called up the Samsung service center to have our fridge fixed. They sent a professional at our home. Our fridge got fixed, but after a few days, the malfunction continued. We tried calling the service center again, but this time their response was lukewarm and non-responsive. No professional came to our aid.

In our desperate hour, we decided to hire a local professional to fix our refrigerator. So my flat mate searched for Samsung refrigerator service in Bangalore. But to our disappointment, none of the professional we contacted seemed to be willing enough to help us. Most of them were charging a substantially hefty amount, while others declined our request to travel a large distance to our home. Carrying our fridge was not an option.

UrbanClap comes to save the day

After days of searching and researching, I had given up. I was on call with one of my old school friend. I told him my situation, to which he suggested me about UrbanClap. I quickly sprang into action and researched about UrbanClap on the internet. Seeing some great reviews about the app, I pulled out my smart phone and started downloading the app. Within minutes, the app finished downloading. I tried searching for the best Samsung refrigerator service in Bangalore, but I was asked to fill out some small details beforehand so that I could be registered as an active user on UrbanClap.

I quickly filled out the details, and in a few minutes, I was registered onto the app. The app had an amazing user interface and clarity. I searched for local professionals around me, and to my joy, a huge list was presented to me. Each of these professionals had their own ratings and location clearly stated, along with their reviews which they had received from other active users on UrbanClap who had hired them. I called up my flat mate and told him about the progress, and even he was happy.

How we arrived at what we were looking for?

Since the list was huge, it became difficult for me to select the right professional. So using the app’s filtering system, I shortlisted a bunch of professionals based on their location, reviews and rating. In a few moments, I was presented with a short list of professionals based on my filters. I selected one of the professional who had a commendable rating and review, and was even located near me, and contacted him to explain my situation.He politely asked me about the address and other such minor details and assured me that he would be at my place shortly.

The professional arrived shortly, and in a very humble and professional way, introduced himself. He then proceeded to check our refrigerator. By that time, even my flat mate had returned home. The professional was extremely cooperative and seemed dedicated to his work. In about 10-15 minutes, he was able to deduce the problem of our refrigerator. He told us that he did not bring the requisite parts required to repair the fridge, but assured us that he will bring it from his workshop right now. We waited eagerly for us arrival, and he shortly returned with the equipment. In about 45 minutes, he completed his repair and switched on the refrigerator.

Our joys knew no bound when the cooling re initiated. But my flat mate was a little skeptical, and he proceeded to ask the professional that what if the cooling malfunctioned again. To this, the professional assured us that if that ever happened, he would repair the fridge again free of cost in period of 3 months. He then gave us his business card, and told us that we could contact him anytime if we run into some trouble with our Samsung refrigerator. He then asked for his charge, and to our surprise, it was a whole lot of less than what we had researched or anticipated. He was paid in full, and we thanked him deeply as he bid his farewell.

Why I recommend UrbanClap for all your blue collar service needs?

It has been about three months, and our refrigerator hasn’t malfunctioned till date. I would really like to thank Mr. Tahir for his job well done, as well as his dedication and cooperation towards us and his work. I would give him a 5 star, and would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for the Samsung refrigerator service in Bangalore. I would also like to thank the entire UrbanClap team for this amazing online platform.