Granite Countertops Are The Best For Your Kitchen

Predominantly granite is grey, white and pink. Its colors are dependent on mineralogy of granite. Nowadays granite countertops are hot favorite to use in the kitchen. We have to look at different reasons why granite countertops in the kitchen are the best and why you should be choosing them over traditional countertops despite the fact that they charge you more than the traditional one.

  • These can turn your simple looking home into a piece of luxury. So they increase value of your home. It will sell like hot cakes as Granite countertops will add aesthetic value to your home. In Wentzville, homes that have Granite countertops installed in them sell faster than that of others that don’t have that.
  • Granite countertops look brilliant in cabinets. But some people think they may prove to be a bit heavier for the cabinets. But there is no need to worry. You should consult with a brilliant granite and marble company whose crew can help resolve your problem. The extra weight can be handled with putting on extra support.
  • One solid reason behind Granite use is that it is a very hard substance that’s why it is durable. It can sustain damage up to a good extent. But it cannot be called damage proof. If you don’t take due care and drop some heavy pot on it, it is highly likely that you chip the countertop. It is also a fact that lots of people are in the habit of cutting fruits, vegetables and meat on the countertops and they don’t witness any damage on it. But it is recommended that you use a cutting board for the purpose.
  • During a lifespan of a typical home, traditional laminate counter tops are to be changed at least three times. But quite opposite a Granite counter top lasts longer if not permanent. Perhaps its reason is that they are durable as well as heat-resistant. A good thing is that they are now in every person’s reach.
  • Its luminous look does not fade away with time.
  • Granite has its natural colors. They don’t fade as time passes by.
  • You can clean it easily if you apply warm water along with a mild detergent.
  • Granite countertops can sustain the heat of a hot pan.
  • After you get your Granite countertop sealed, it will work as stain resistant.
  • It is resistant to bacterial contamination.
  • It doesn’t depreciate in value.
  • Lots of shades are available when it comes to granite. Whatever color scheme you have applied in your kitchen, you can find compatible shade in granite.

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