How to Choose the Best Color Paints for Your Walls

magic in your home. the beauty about painting is that it is an inexpensive procedure. You can transform the whole look of your home by just using a few dollars. The other benefit of painting is that it is extremely powerful. The most important thing is to choose the right colors and everything in the home will sing. However, choosing the right colors for the interior walls is the hardest thing in the whole painting exercise. Different rooms have different requirements and you have to make the right choice for each of them.

The living room is the most important one because it creates the first impression among you visitors. The three things that matter whenever you are choosing a paint for your living room include spacing, furniture color and natural lighting. If your room has a lot of natural light supply, you can use dark tomes to compliment the sun rays during the day. However, you can go for lighter colors if you have something next to natural light. A good living room should have two accent colors and a primary color. The most important this is to have a balance key between these elements and Janoic Colors NYC can help you on that.  When it comes to spacing, a light paint color will give your small living room a bigger feel.

The next room to think about is the kitchen. Kitchen have several accessories including fun mixture, granite, dish towels, curtains and wall hangings. Most of them flow well with the neutral gray color. However, if you are not into neutral, the bolder painting options for your kitchen include blue, green, and yellow. Green is highly versatile when pairing bright accent colors and yellow brings the sun into the home. You can go for blue if your kitchen has neutral dish towels, curtains, granite etc.

There is very little you do in the bedroom apart from resting, getting ready to work, or reading a book. Use relaxing and soothing paints to make your bedroom a perfect resting place. Some of the colors that are relaxing and soothing include icy blue, soft green, or lavender. However, you can do a stronger bedroom color in your child’s room or guest rooms as these spaces allow for some form of adventures.

The last place you will need to paint is your bathroom. Most bathrooms have no or frosted windows. Bearing this in mind, light colors that belong to the blue-grey family are the best for your bathroom colors. These colors should be able to work well with the tiles, lighting, vinyl, or hardwood flooring.

As you choose your colors, remain true to your personal tastes and there is no way you will go wrong. This will turn your home into a beautiful place of refuge. Remember you need to entertain, play, relax, and rest while in the home and choosing the right paints will help you to meet all these objectives. This will give your home the feel that you have always been looking for.