How to make sure your deck is ready for summer

deck contractors lake oswego to do the work, it’s entirely up to you now. So what are you waiting for? The summer is almost here and you are going to want to spend some quality time out there with family and friends. Nobody wants to hang out on a deck that’s a total eyesore, not to mention potentially unsafe due to any potential rot issues or structural concerns. Most deck issues that homeowners encounter are mainly cosmetic but keeping these helpful hints in mind will allow you to give your deck the tender loving care it needs and deserves right in time for those hot summer months. This is crucial because the wintertime can be relentless on the health and well-being of your deck, so get started on that inspection process as soon as you can.

Check for Rot

This is one of your biggest enemies and among the most potentially destructive culprits that can ruin your deck for the summer. You need to do a careful inspection for any signs of rot because if you don’t find it early, you could be looking at some serious structural damage. So get out there and start exploring every inch of your deck as early as possible. Look for signs of moisture and discoloration and then check to see if the wood is soft or easy to penetrate in those areas. If so, you may need to call the experts to have those problems repaired or the wood replaced.

Mold and Mildew

Here is another culprit that can be detrimental to the aesthetics of your deck and make it unpleasant to hang out on in the summer. Mold and mildew can become a serious issue if you allow it to grow unabated. In order to eradicate their effects altogether, you need to pick up any one of the many deck cleansers or take a look on the internet and find some DIY mixtures you can make from common household products. Mold and mildew aren’t just unseemly, they can turn out to be toxic and pose a major health risk to your family and guests.

Visible Damage

Since your deck is made of wood, you can always run the risk of boards becoming cracked or broken entirely. But you need to watch out for these problems because the last thing you want is for you or a member of your family to step through one of the boards and get injured as a result. Repairing broken wood on your deck is something you can elect to do yourself if you have the proper equipment and sufficient know-how. If not, you will need to call a professional to come in and do the work for you. But just be sure you get this done quickly because one broken board can lead to others and then you’ve really got a major problem on your hands.