How To Order Custom Window Treatments

Many homeowners have the desire to create great window treatments for their home but have no idea where to start. Whether you’re ordering a set of custom window treatments in richmond va or trying to figure out how to pull the perfect DIY job, it can be difficult to figure out what’s going to actually look good in different rooms in your home. You might have a certain style of curtains or a color scheme in mind, but when it comes to actually bringing your ideas to life, you might end up with more misses than hits, and expensive misses at that. Sometimes, if you’re not totally sure about what you want to do, it’s best to call in the pros. But even if you want to totally step away from the process and leave it to someone else, it can still be a difficult process to actually communicate what you want and need in a window treatment. From gathering inspiration to picking out samples, it can still end up producing a lot of unneeded stress, especially if you’re a perfectionist. Here are a few tips for homeowners who want to order custom window treatments and don’t want to deal with a lot of headaches in the process.

Choose Functionality

If you’re someone who gets easily dazzled or overwhelmed by choice, do yourself a favor and take things one at a time. Before you think about how you want things to look, think about what you want your window treatment to do. Are you trying to manipulate the light in a room that doesn’t get a lot of sunshine? Do you want to block out the light in an overheated, stuffy room? Do you want your treatment to help increase energy efficiency by keeping air from escaping? Whatever your primary aim is, be guided by that and dismiss anything that doesn’t fit the bill. It’s easy to be taken in by beautiful designs and the fantasy of a brand new treatment, but stay firm: Remember that you want your window treatment to actually work for you rather than just sit there and become yet another thing to dust. If you just want your treatment to look pretty, that’s absolutely fine. As long as you know what your priorities are, you’ll be better able to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Keep It Simple

Details can be extremely important, especially if you’re looking for a treatment that looks stunning and brings out different visual aspects of a room. But getting caught up in smaller details can set you on the road to ruin. When thinking about how you want your room to look, keep it simple. Go with a color scheme and a style of cut that you think suits the room best. Once you’ve narrowed your options down by function, you can start to seriously think about style and what’s going to work best for each room in your home. Do you want your treatments to tie all your rooms together by offering a uniform appearance? Do you want each drape, curtain, or blind to suit a specific aspect of a room? Are you trying to design based on a loose, experimental color scheme? Do whatever appeals to you, but don’t go crazy trying to make everything matchy-matchy or trying to find the perfect treatment for each room.

Go For Some Helpful Extras

In the past, window treatments were just about letting in the light. Today, so many drapes and blinds are completely pimped out with smart technology and tech-savvy details that it’s hard to resist going overboard. While you don’t necessarily need your blinds to let you know what the temperature is in Uzbekistan, you shouldn’t dismiss the idea of a tech-friendly shade or blind, especially if it can increase energy efficiency in your home. Remember: Spending a lot upfront isn’t always bad, especially if it’s going to make way for long-term savings. For instance, getting a motorized set of blinds can help out guests with disabilities and create a more child-friendly home. If you’re worried about keeping your home cool in the day but you still want to let in some sunlight, you can find blinds that can be programmed to go up or down different times. Some blinds can even be controlled via smartphone. Choosing blinds that can actually be programmed remotely can help you create a more temperature-controlled home no matter where you are. Even though it might seem extravagant to invest in this kind of tech, you won’t regret it when you start to see those yearly energy savings.