How to Protect Rugs from Fading and Sun Damage

eliminate dents as soon as they appear and keep your rug clean with regular service from your favorite oriental rug cleaning durham nc store. If rugs are exposed to the sun for too long without any relief, they don’t just suffer from fading. Your rug’s lifespan could end up being drastically shortened if you don’t find ways to invest in the right protection. Luckily, protecting your rug from fading isn’t that hard to do. As long as you’re doing all you can to stop fading before it starts due to smart rug placement and a few home tricks, you’ll be helping your home carpet to have a long, bright future in your home. Here are a few ways you can keep your rug bright and healthy for years.

Keep It Moving

If you can’t keep your rug totally out of the sun, the next best thing you can do is to keep it moving so the sun never has a chance to settle on any one spot. The key to a healthy rug is to keep it rotated, especially in a larger, sun-filled room like a living room or backroom. If you have a ton of heavy furniture, this might feel like a huge chore. However, if you keep at it at least every week after vacuuming, you’ll be able to try out new looks for your room, avoid getting heavy indentations or chair leg depressions on your rug and attack grimier spots on your carpet’s surface that have been hiding under a couch or coffee table. Rotating your rug every week will help you get into the habit of keeping it well maintained and clean in between formal dry cleanings. You’ll be able to keep your rug looking brighter longer, and you’ll have the chance to switch up your furniture arrangement and get creative each week.

Treat Spots with Salt

Of all the cleaning tools you can currently find in your home pantry, salt just might be the most magical. It can dissolve certain stains, fight bacteria, and brighten your home rug almost instantly with a quick wash. If you’re starting to notice fading on your rug, the best thing to do is use a salt, white vinegar, and hot water mixture to restore it to its former glory. Start with a freshly-cleaned carpet surface. Keeping your rug flat on the ground, apply your salt solution to the stained area using a saturated sponge, being careful not to let any area of your carpet get too soaked. Remember, you still want to think about keeping your rug as clean and dry as possible to avoid any moldy residue. After applying the salt base, use a fan to dry your rug or hang it outside on a bright day. When your rug is dry, go over it once more with a vacuum for due diligence. Your rug should instantly look brighter and more revived.

Use Awnings or Tinting

Shielding your rug from the sun might feel like an impossible effort, but if you have the right home tools, it can be easy. Installing window tinting can be a great move for your home’s interior in general. Certain window film types can protect your home from UV rays and sun damage while giving you a bit more privacy to work with, especially in first-floor rooms of your home that contain valuables or heirlooms. Tinting will also help keep the temperature cool and dry, which will be great for your rug health in general. If you’re still worried about sun exposure, consider installing awnings outside for maximum sun protection. You’ll be able to enjoy the natural light without worrying about that midday glare.

Take Advantage of “Off” Time

If there’s a time during the day when you know nobody’s going to be in the house, take advantage of those hours to cut your living room off from the world. Draw the blinds and keep your rug, along with all your other furniture and belongings, in the dark during the day. As long as no one is in the house or using the living room, there’s no reason why your rug should be needlessly exposed to sunlight. This tactic will also end up saving you money on cooling bills in the long run. Keeping your home darker and cooler during the hottest hours of the day will allow you to come home to a temperature-controlled home while keeping your rug safe from harm.