How To Select A Window Frame Color

choosing the right windows for your home can be rather daunting because there are just so many sizes and styles out there. But then just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, you have to deal with yet another conundrum in picking the right color for the frames.

This decision can be a tough one since you have so many other factors to keep in mind in order to properly coordinate your new window frames with the rest of the décor of your home. Some homeowners opt to go with something neutral as the easiest way to ensure they’ve made the right choice, others will choose something a little more bold and remarkable.

While one might sound like less of a hassle than the other, the truth is that both require some careful consideration to ensure you’ve made the best choice for the long-term. Remember, this is a project you only want to do once so it’s important to get it right.

So check out these helpful hints for making the best choice for your window frame color the first time.

Make Your Windows Stand Out

Windows are just like any other part of your home’s exterior, color can improver their appearance. You’re going to be proud of these windows when they’re finally installed and with all of the time and effort you’ve devoted to selecting the best size and shape you’re going to want to show them off.

So choose a color that is going to make them really stand out, give them the kind of curb appeal where visitors and passersby alike stand up and take notice. This is particularly effective on homes that have a unique architectural design as the windows can be an extension of that aesthetic.

Contrast Wisely

This one can be sort of tricky but if you’re really smart about your color selections you may just be able to pull off something bold and dazzling with your windows. Neutrals are popular for this very reason as they allow homeowners to try out some interesting contrasts with their home’s exterior color.

How you go about doing this will require thinking about certain factors about your home, the architecture comes into play again here as does the current color of the house. Choosing bright hues that contrast with the exterior paint can not only help your windows stand out but also provide an interesting contrast décor between the frames and the wall colors.

But here’s the tricky part – finding a hue that contrasts well enough without clashing and providing an aesthetic that is busy and might clash with the design style of the home. If your home is a tudor or a contemporary, you may want to choose contrasting hues that very different from each of those examples.

Some contrasting ideas are better suited for certain style homes and colors than others and you need to take both into consideration. In some cases, a contrast between the frames and the house just might not work to your advantage.

You also want to consider which part of the equation to keep neutral, if the house exterior color has a rich hue to it, then the frames may be better off as neutral. If the house paint is soft or neutral, then you can consider giving the window frames a stronger or brighter shade of color.

Rethink Your Neutrals

As you consider the use of neutrals in your frame color, think outside the box a little. When we think of “neutral” colors we might automatically see beige or eggshell in our mind’s eye. But you can still be bold and remain neutral by taking a moment to check out the other types of neutrals that exist.

Grays, greens, and blues are all usually known for being audacious and eye-catching, however, you can find muted versions of these colors to use as a neutral element in the design aesthetic of your window installation. Whether you’re looking to contrast or complement your home’s exterior color, neutrals can give you more options than you might have first thought.

Talk to the Experts

We get it, this can all be more than a bit overwhelming and you may want an expert opinion on how to best choose your window frame color. No problem, we have ideas and solutions for just about every type of window frame and house style. Our experts are ready to give you some advice on combining the colors of your home’s exterior and your new window frames.