I Got my Refrigerator Fixed Through UrbanClap

Refrigerator is one of the most common home appliances which are found in almost every home. With the advancement in technology, the refrigerators nowadays come with many new features. This was the primary reason why I decided to buy a new refrigerator last year. This turned out to be quite a good decision as the new features in our Whirlpool refrigerator made it worth every penny we spent on it. We loved every bit about it and it worked as perfectly as we could have hoped for.

But that was only till a few days ago. A few days ago, we needed to shift from our house. We were shifting from Mumbai to Bangalore since the company I worked for required me to join their office in Bangalore. I had prepared for the transfer well and had called the best packers and movers service in Mumbai. But despite transporting all my things with great care, they weren’t as careful with the refrigerator. The refrigerator fell while unloading it in Bangalore, and as a result, it didn’t function after that. It was not turning on and I realized that some major issue has developed which will need to be repaired by Whirlpool refrigerator service in Bangalore.

The Search for a Good Service Center

So now a major problem had occurred and I needed to resolve it at the earliest. I was already too tired with the shifting process and hence wanted to get this problem solved quickly and without much effort. Also, I wanted to give my refrigerator only to a reliable Whirlpool refrigerator service in Bangalore because my refrigerator was barely a year old and I did not want to take any chances with it.

I was too tired to go out and look for a service center in the nearby market and hence decided to search for some service center online. I made a quick search on my laptop and found a few results. I found a couple of service centers which had really good reviews. I called them immediately but they told me that my location was quite far and that was an unserviceable area for them. They refused to take the repair request. The rest of the service centers which I found on the web had really poor ratings and weren’t worth even considering.

I continued my search and called my friends and relatives to ask them for help. I was quite hopeful that at least someone would have got their refrigerator serviced or repaired from a Whirlpool refrigerator service in Bangalore.

I called quit a few people but was quite surprised as well as disappointed to find out that none of them have had such an experience before and hence was not able to be of any help to me. This was making me tensed and was adding to my worries. But suddenly I received a call from my office colleague who wanted to see if I had shifted and wasn’t facing any troubles.

Found out UrbanClap

So when my office colleague called me, I told him about what happened and how I was left in trouble in a new city. He told me not to worry any more as he knew of a solution. He told me about the UrbanClap app and asked me to install it. I immediately picked up my smartphone and installed the app from the Google PlayStore. The app installed within a few seconds and due to the smooth and clean UI, I was easily able to navigate to the refrigerator service option.

I submitted my request and received a call back within an hour. Mr. Gupta from Gupta electronics had called me and asked about my problem. On explaining him the problem, he told me that he will send his team to pick the refrigerator up within an hour. They were punctual and arrived at time. The refrigerator was picked and taken to the service center. Mr. Gupta called me again to explain the problem and gave an estimated fee as well. They took my approval and repaired the refrigerator within a day. They delivered the refrigerator on the next day as well and the delivery services were provided for free.

Why I am Thankful to UrbanClap?

I would like to thank both Mr. Gupta and the UrbanClap app for helping me find Whirlpool refrigerator service in Bangalore and for providing such professional services to their customers. They were really quick and punctual and kept me updated throughout. The charges levied for the repair were quite reasonable and acceptable as well and I Was left truly satisfied with the experience. This was a huge help for me in a new city. I didn’t even have to make much effort and hence I would like to recommend the UrbanClap app and their services to each and everyone.